Work chaos...

Whew, trying to get caught up here on LJ. I have had a very busy week at work dealing with the auditors for our year end statements (that is pretty much over but a conference call is still pending for next week), dealing with Hockey Canada trying to get them to produce accurate invoices for some outstanding issues (done), preparing for our AGM and council meetings (that is UNFORTUNATELY just in the early stages) and addressing all the pre-season transfers and issues with the new registry system (a constant source of annoyment). Yep, basically it sucks to be at work right now. The secretary-treasurer is in tomorrow which means he will probably keep me busy most of the day as well but if I can spare some time I'll be checking up with everyone on my FList as I'm certain with all the chaos in Rafa and Real Madrid-land you must have some interesting comments and tidbits of wisdom that will amuse and enlighten me :-)

P.S. The one thing that is holding me together right now is the joyous confirmation from the Real Madrid official website that the boys will in fact be coming to Toronto for a preseason friendly. Now comes the agonizing wait for ticket info.
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Work sounds exhausting! But hopefully things will settle down before too long.

The Real Madrid to Toronto thing is so exciting! I promise I will let you know as soon as I hear from Ticketmaster, as long as you promise me the same when you find out from your sources!
RM update: friend of a friend who has TFC seasons tickets said they will be updating the season ticket holders on Monday regarding ticket sales.
YAY! Can't wait for Monday! (Usually I would never say that on a weekend.)

*facepalm* I've just found out that River Plate of Argentina are also coming to play Toronto FC here on July 22nd. They are my favourite team from Argentina! I swear, I am going to be in the poorhouse after all these games! (That's providing I can get tickets, of course, to the Toronto ones.)