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So it looks like the Sod has made it to the Roland Garros final. I am finding this hard to believe. I really despise the man but he has been playing amazing tennis and deserves to be there. Fed and Del Potro are duking it out right now after having split the first two sets. Del Potro is up a break. I can guarantee you that no one would have ever predicted the final we will be seeing on Sunday. Poor Rafa has been ordered to rest his knees and will not be playing Queens this year. Alas, more points lost and another tournament not worth watching :-( Should I be panicking about Wimbledon??

I am getting ready for my first weekend since January without a Real Madrid game. I suppose a dose of the Ramos (courtesy of Kickette) will tide me over.

*headshake* That boy never ceases to amaze me and leave me at a loss for words. Update on the Real Madrid to Toronto situation....a friend of a friend who is a season ticket holder has indicated that info re: ticket sales will be released this Monday. Update on the Real Madrid trade/acquisition front...just rumours and more rumours...all the usual suspects, Kaki, CR7, Xabi, Ribery, Villa, Forlan...etc, etc. Oh well, no news is good news IMO.

Seeing as I will be out of debt in precisely 33 days *squees* I did a quick check re: mortgages and lofts and all the jazz and I was pleasantly surprised to discover what I will be able to afford in terms of purchasing a loft in the downtown core. I have added that goal to my list as a target for circa two years from now.

EDIT: Del Potro up two sets to one now. *prays*

EDIT #2: So much for that. 2 sets all and Fed up a break in the fifth :-(

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OMGS...Sergio just cracks me up...I heart the Ramos! Ya I think I'd find Javi that exciting just standing next to him too! ROFL

The whole buying of a loft downtown is most excellent! Two years or so will allow for a good chunk of down payment and all parties will be debt free then too! \o/

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