Real Madrid Ticket Alert...

I've been informed that the Real Madrid/Toronto game tickets will be going on sale this Monday. I imagine the price range will vary but the TFC season ticket holders are being quoted $175/ea. I have reserved mine and the seat is high up (note: it should be pointed out that 'high' in this stadium is probably only about 25 rows up, hehe) but directly across from the visitors bench. Right now I just want to know I have tickets....I can work on acquiring better seats, if necessary, as the event approaches. YAY!!

Edit: Here is the full article re: ticket sales since the prices and purchase dates vary for season ticket holders and regular public.

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I sent you an e-mail containing details of the e-mail I got from Ticketmaster. For me the tickets should be going on sale on June 17th and for the general public, June 22nd. But I'll keep my eyes open for more news before then. I think I'll try to go for a top-price ticket! I still have my tickets for the Inter Milan-AC Milan game in Boston on July 26, but my husband wants me to sell them now, because of the Real Madrid game! And also, since River Plate are also coming to Toronto, I will need to try and get tix for that game too! My wallet suddenly feels a lot lighter!!!! :(
Thanks for the email info. I know what you mean about the ticket prices. Worth it though. You can't possibly see Real Madrid play at a more intimate stadium than ours - there isn't a bad seat in the house. Granted they won't be playing the likes of Barcelona or the Premiere League teams, still, it's Real Madrid. I read that they will be spending a week in Dublin as part of their preseason schedule,just prior to the Peace Cup. That would be a fun place to see them play. *sigh* I really am praying for that lottery win to come in soon.

Good luck with your ticket purchases.
You're welcome. I agree with you that the ticket prices are worth it! And true about the small stadium here. Any seat will be a 'close' one compared to the 90,000-seat Bernabeu!

Thanks, and good luck with the lottery! I may have to sell half my possessions on e-bay!