How I found out about the Ronaldo deal...

My clock radio wakes me up every workday morning at 6 AM. Usually I awake to the sounds of Q107 playing some rock and roll classic. Yesterday I had the pleasure of waking up to my all time favourite song - Jimi Hendrix, (All Along The) Watchtower. But alas, I knew something was up this morning when I woke up to hear the DJ, John Derringer, discussing how Brazilian soccer stars only have one name. My semi-conscious self clued in and realized that, although they never discuss soccer on the station, they must be referring to Real Madrid and specifically the Brazilian Kaka and his somewhat astronomical deal to Real. So I kind of relaxed a little and listened to the last half minute of the diatribe, revelling in the fact that my rock radio station may have actually cared about what was going on in the soccer world . It was about three minutes later when that perfect soccer world was shattered and the sports update boldly announced the Ronaldo deal.

That's how I found out...and since that moment all it's been, everywhere I go, is Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo...it's a nightmare. Why? So many other respectable, great quality players out there? *cough* *David Villa* *cough*  Why him...and his over-inflated ego? This team had so much promise. I was even starting to warm up to the idea of having Kaka on the team and now this. BLEH The team dynamics are going to be completely shattered. You may as well hang a giant "FOR SALE" sign on the Dutch contingency along with half the defence and the midfield, not to mention a couple of our best players from last season. I'm pretty sure no one, save maybe Iker and the Ramos, are untouchable. Oh wait, I suppose Pepe is also off the list since Ronaldo will need a bff on the team and it sure ain't gonna be Sergio or Iker. Oh noes!! The fangirl slash...*headdesk* It's started already, hasn't it? *eyedart* And now throw in Paris Hilton. Oh joy!! Just what we need...Paris Hilton attending Real Madrid games. It's Victoria Beckham all over again....*cringes* 

If this means the break up of the team then so be it. For the record, my loyalties lie with the players I like so wherever they play, I will follow - and therefore I will likely remain with Real for as long as SR4 and the greatest goalkeeper in the planet do. But if  Higuain or Gago have to go I pray it is to a decent team in a beautiful city where they receive plenty of playing time and all the accolades they so richly deserve.
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LOL. I can't believe you also listen to my favourite station, Q107!! And All Along the Watchtower is also one of my all-time faves! My sister and I were visiting relatives in Montreal some years ago and were in a restaurant with a juke box. All Along the Watchtower was the only decent song on it, so we kept playing it over and over, at least 10 times! Hahaha. It's a wonder they didn't kick us out, but they didn't!

Last night I was watching the FOX Soccer Report at 10:00 PM and they had on Bobby McMahon, their analyst, to discuss the recent Real Madrid purchases. I don't know if you saw it too, but Bobby was saying that Florentino Perez purchases players for their marketability (including shirt sales) and that he doesn't consider defenders to be marketable, so while the question of whether or not RM needs more defenders is always being raised, Perez is more interested in buying big names in the attacking areas. One thing that was brought up by the other commentator was the question of where Raul would fit in. Bobby suggested that he would have to go, and that new coach Pellegrini would be designated the 'bad guy' who would have to first strip Raul of the captaincy and then figure out a way to get rid of him. Bench him or sell him. Doesn't it sound so...so...wrong??? But they couldn't figure how Raul was to fit into the team with the new signings, both of whom would have to play all the time, of course.

And the other question was, how would Kaka and CR-7 play together? They are so unlike.

All I have to say is, "Hang onto your hats, it's going to be a bumpy ride!"
Q107 is probably my second fav station. I love this station I listen to off of iTunes. It is listed as a 'Golden Oldies' station - All Classic Hits 181.fm - and it plays all the best songs from the 60s and 70s, mostly rock and Motown. It doesn't play enough hard rock but for the daytime it is pretty decent.

Lucky you listening to Watchtower 10x in a row. I think I did that once going home from work...I just kept repeating the song on my iPod. I get like that with the Doors as well. Q107 is awesome though. Especially for the lunch hour when it plays music from 1965-1975. It really doesn't get much better than that.

I did see that soccer report discussing the marketability (or alleged lack thereof) of defenseman. I am curious to hear FP's take on Sergio since we all know how popular and marketable he is. As for Raul, I really don't want to see him go as he basically embodies Real Madrid for me. But I am of the opinion that if he doesn't get any playing time it would be an insult to his ability to just have him sit on a bench and make the token appearances for the fans to show he is still the leader and captain of the team(especially since he likely won't be). If that is their plan, I would rather see him moved to a young and up and coming team that needs a veteran player who can be a great leader and role model. That's what I'd like but I doubt that's what I'll get.

Kaka and CR-7 are polar opposites. I fear they will divide the team with half siding with one and half with the other. I only hope that they do mix well on field since I really don't see how they can off field.
Hmmm. I'll have to listen to 181.fm then. It sounds good!
I've always loved 'Watchtower'. It's one of those songs you never get sick of. Oh gosh, the Doors' 'LA Woman' is another of those songs. Just awesome.

I think I figured out how Kaka and CR-7 could play together. I read yesterday that Real Madrid was going to get rid of all their Dutchies. No more Arjen Robben, Ruud, Snejder, VanderVaart or Drenthe. Perhaps no Huntelaar either.
First, I think CR-7 would work well with Ramos. Their styles are both dynamic, flamboyant and forward-moving. And I think that Gago would work well with Kaka. Both are quick-thinking and moving, creative, intelligent and artistic. They could work the left side. In the middle Lass Diarra and perhaps Guti could work their more defensive yet also creative roles. It might all become very workable that way. That's my own strange way of thinking, though. It'll be interesting to see what really happens!
The Doors 'Roadhouse Blues' always does it for me.

I have also heard that the Dutch contingency is on the move. Not a problem with me. As well the original Diarra is on tap to leave so it wouldn't surprise me if Guti, Lass and Gago do all remain with the team. In all fairness to CR7 and Kaka, if they do gel, they are phenomenal additions to this team. Kaka and Gago left side, CR7 and Ramos on the right side as you stated. If all things play out as they are indicating, throw Villa into the mix...imagine him up front centre, ideally partnered with Higuain (I am not giving up hope that he will remain an important part of the team). Of course this again leaves Raul as the big mystery? Does he stay in a supporting role or does he leave? Stay tuned for the next installment of the Real Madrid telenovela (and hopefully we will all get to see Gago once again flutter his eyelashes!!).