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Work rant, Confederation Cup, Villa, Diablo...

Time for another work rant...sorry but I need the catharsis.

So you know how jealous I get when it comes to people taking vacation. I am so bad when it comes to that. It has to be one of my worst vices...envy, and all.  Anyhow, my work bf went away, last minute, for her birthday, to Las Vegas. OK so I'm not dying to see Las Vegas but then I get a text from her saying she is going to the Grand Canyon. Why must I be tortured like this? I would love to see the National Parks but is that going to happen in the next five years. Likely no? *pouts* To make matters worse, she left me with a brutal project she normally works on, that was due, conveniently, the day before she returns, and I am provided with only minimal direction on how to proceed. I wound up spending about three hours on this task yesterday only to find out that all the work I did wasn't even required and had to be taken out of the project. *headdesk*

Italy is losing to Egypt. This must stop. Someone...anyone...*cough* *Iaquinta* *cough*...please score. I want an Italy/Spain final.

Any news on Villa to Real Madrid would be most appreciated at this time. If Villa goes to Barca I shall be forced to create a Florentino Perez voodoo doll  in an effort to prevent him from doing any further damage to the team.

Fave tweet ...on the day of the Ronaldo deal, when 'Real Madrid' was a trending topic, this is what Diablo Cody posted "I saw "Real Madrid" as a trending topic and thought it was a show about young, hip Spaniards picked to live in a house. " LOL...I heart her.

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I would love to see the National Parks but is that going to happen in the next five years. Likely no? *pouts*

Thou haveth little faith...

BTW Diablo Cody cracks me up...she's too funny. I'd love to bring her to a Real Madrid game...we have an extra ticket...think she'd come if you tweeted her? I bet she would! Omgs can she meet Sergio? No srsly tweet her and ask!!!
I would love to hear Diablo's take on Real Madrid...Her comments on C-Ron alone would be priceless.
Oh goth yes, I think everyone should see the Grand besides New York, New Orleans ...will add C C..national parks.... :}

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