And there he goes...

From the BBC:
"World number one Rafael Nadal will not defend his Wimbledon men's singles crown because of a knee injury."

I really have no words....this is just devastating.
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Honestly from the few reports I’ve read and from the words of Rafa himself I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out for most of the season or worse. By worse I mean he said in a Q&A when referring to both the French Open and Wimbledon that [paraphrasing] at some point you will lose and if that means you’re not number 1 or if your career is over then so be it. [quote] I’ll take my fishing pole and go fishing. I’m very worried that this is a lot worse than any one is admitting! I don’t want to think of him never playing again…I will cry literally. So I’m going to keep an image of healthy Rafa playing well into his late 30’s in my mind because it’s better than the alternative.
We'll see what happens with the US Open. That will be a test. I'm certain his parents break up had a lot to do with this as well.
I'm certain his parents break up had a lot to do with this as well.

Definitely played a part although I think this has been a long time coming (making it official) and Rafa was maybe hoping for a reconciliation despite knowing that it wasn't realistically going to happen.

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Oh no, that's terrible news... Hopefully he will recover and get his game back.
I just read the news online....
It's so sad. But he needs to get something done about his knees so he can compete at his best again. :(