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Sad, sad, sad...

Crazy week!!

It's like the whole world has gone completely topsy turvy. I'm not sure where to begin or when it started but let's just review what has occurred over the past few days (and this is in no particular order):

1. Team Spain lost to Team USA  :-(
2. Rafa's parents split up :-(
3. Maradona's Team Argentina contract was extended :-(
4. As for item #3, GH is still determined and convinced he will be on the 2010 World Cup team *fingers crossed* :-)
5. Real Madrid sign Albiol :-)
6. Wimbledon is progressing sans Rafa and I have yet to watch a match (sad, but true) :-(
7. Sat through boring one day staff summit yesterday :-(
8. Preparations for AGM this weekend are ongoing :-(
9. I'm officially finished my debt management and am out of debt :-)
10. The passing of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson :-(

So much sad news to report. I'll be happy when this week ends. I really don't want to comment on a lot of what has happened, it is just so tragic and I don't think I could properly put into words how I feel. I need some time to process it all.

My staff summit was yesterday and my AGM is tomorrow so I've been pretty swamped this week. Once the AGM is done, I start (or at least I like to think) my slow period and my numerous vacation days will begin to kick in. For July I'm on a three day work week. I'm off for a week at the end of the month and for the first week of August as well (when Real Madrid) are here. I am looking forward to good weather, sunny days and lots of time to relax and enjoy it all. Have a great weekend y'all.
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It has indeed been a very sad week... I have been depressed since the Spain - USA match and I am still down because of all yesterday's sad news.

But on a positive note, how wonderful that you are out of debt! I am still working on my debt load and can't see a way out of that for at least a year....oh well.

And yes! Lots to look forward to!!! Have a nice weekend right back atcha. :)
Spain's loss was a surprise, many expected them & Brazil to definitely reach the final. That was sad, but well, hopefully we'll see them strong soon :) this is sports, wins & losses. USA were surprisingly good! Lets see what Brazil will do against them.

About Rafa...*sigh* I wish I knew how he is..

Gonzalo, well, I hope Maradona sees that there r players other than Messi. What Gonzalo did this season wasn't enough to prove how talented he is?!

Congrats again that you're debt free :)

Cheer up *hugs* hopefully there will be good news soon :) (Dont forget you'll see our RM boys!)
Much sadness all around...trying not to think about it.

1. I miss Sergio and his smile
2. That was a long time coming. Rafa is made of strong stuff and as I said before I think subconsciously he knew they weren't going to reconcile
3.Maradona= idiot
4.Does Maradona have another daughter GH can date? That'll get him a shoe in spot!!!
5. Meh...at least now Sergio doesn't have to do all the work!
6. Wimbledon = weird without Rafa
7. Sorry about that
8. I will miss you when you're at the meetings!
9. WOO HOO!!!
10. no words...