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Sorry I haven't posted or visited LJ in ages. Everything of late has made me quite emo and I'm trying to avoid thinking about it. Maybe what I need is a catch up with everyone so hopefully your LJs will cheer me up a little.

This has been such a dreadful summer. Every good thing that happens seems to be matched up equally with something horrid. I'm off work right now scheduled to return on August 11th. That should be enjoyable - relaxation and free time to workout, enjoy the alleged 'summer' weather, read a book, yet nothing seems to excite me. I know it's because I'm somewhat sick and tired of what everyone has now deemed a 'stay-cation'. I've survived through seven summers now of 'staycations' not including the ONE business trip to Ottawa that I lasted all of three days. At least in the past I've been off during the French Open and Wimbledon and the Canadian Masters and watching Rafa play has been somewhat of a decent consolation but no Rafa this year has made it all a little intolerable :-(

I should be excited about Real Madrid coming - I have great tickets, I'm going to the game and the open practice. In fact, it's arguably the only truly great thing that is going on in my life this summer. However, with the influx of all these new players I feel like I'm not even going to the see the team I have loved and followed over the past two years. I know...I shouldn't complain...after all, the newbs are some of soccer's best and I doubt I'll ever get a chance to see such talent again in any setting even remotely close to the intimacy of our tiny stadium. The tickets are worth every penny. To make matters worse, though, I just found out that Team Argentina is scheduled to fly to Moscow on August 8th, one day after the RM game here in Toronto, for a Int'l friendly. If I were a betting person I'd say Gago (and Heinze) won't even make the trip over to North America :-( For the first time ever I'm thanking Maradona for not calling up Higuain to the NT....and while we are on the topic, Higuain isn't exactly having a spectacular preseason. I'm hoping he'll pick it up a little when he gets here. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I honestly wish it was Juve coming and not RM. At least the RM official site will make it very easy to track their whereabouts while they are here...that is, if any of the players I actually like ARE here.

FYI, I do have one extra ticket to the Real Madrid game that I do not need. If any of my F-Listers know of anyone who is looking to attend the game, PM me or reply to this post and I will send you the ticket info.

Coldplay concert is tomorrow night. I get my hair cut on Friday and then niviene  is off for what I hope will be a decent and enjoyable week. 
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Aw hon, I am sorry you have the blues! This has been a weird summer to say the least and the weather has not helped.

I agree with all you say about the 'new' Real Madrid team. I have been watching the Peace Cup games on GOLTV and from what I have seen I do not like! I know that this is just preseason and all the new players have to gel, but still....they have been much less than impressive. I hope that Gago realizes that he has to fight for a spot on this team, especially if Xabi Alonso comes, therefore I am hoping he will blow off the Argentine friendly match. There he is a fixture...Maradona loves him. Anyway, I hope my logic is correct.

I wish I knew of someone who needed the extra ticket! I had a disaster trying to sell my AC Milan-Inter Milan tickets in Boston. I couldn't go to the game, tried to sell them on e-bay and had to take a $130 loss. But at least I did sell them and made a little bit of money back on them.

I didn't bother to get tickets for the Thursday training session for Real Madrid because as luck would have it I have to fill in at work for a colleague who is on vacation and we work until 7 PM Thursday evenings. By the time I get out of the office, home and drive downtown I'll miss most of it anyway.

I've made lots of posts with lots of nice photos and I made a post about the TFC-River Plate game and our experience with the city workers strike, with pics of the Beaches area, if that interests you. :)
I hope your logic is correct about Gago but I guess we'll know soon enough. I wonder if Alonso will make the trip? His official presentation at Real Madrid is Wednesday.

Still no news on my extra ticket. I am going to post it for sale at cost (or best offer) on Craiglist.

I don't think you will miss much re: the training session. Based on RM's agenda it will only be about an hour or so long.I have a lot of details from a press release re: their entire Toronto agenda. If you are interested, email me and I'll send you the pdf. I'm looking forward to Thursday and Friday. See you then :)

I have gone through a bunch of your posts today to catch up. It's been so long. I can't even remember all that has happened. I still have to go through the River Plate photos. I saw some interviews and highlights from GOL TV - poor rookies is all I can say. Crazy hair!!
I'd say Gago (and Heinze) won't even make the trip over to North America

I will be very upset if Gago isn't here...I think that RM should tell him he must play in North America as it's good PR and skip the Argentine game...he's entitled to skip one or two games. I also think that these "international team" games should be over at the end of July so that teams visiting other countries have all their players...also trades should be over as's not fair to fans.

As for the other stuff I hear ya...wish we were going away across the pond or even to a spa for a week would be better than this...I'm restless to and I think it's why I've been both stressed and cranky lately...something's gotta give soon I hope. Hang in there not much longer until my DMP is over too!!!

We need to plan the long weekend week off so we know besides the vet visit, RM and RM Practice what else we're doing.

And Rafa not playing much tennis is horrible...I miss El Niñ year we have the Rogers cup at least and this year we can go to the women's one if only to mock Gago's tenista WAG for what it's worth. Fine entertainment value - two thumbs up ROFL

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I so want to mock Gago's gf but I actually like her. What's wrong with me? Come to think of it, too bad he wasn't Italian cause he'd make a better couple with Flavia than Carlos did. And come to think of it, Flavia would make a great couple with Amauri...if he wasn't married, that is, although she'd have to take a number since I'm already first in line.

Gago better be coming here or I shall raise hell.
Hi there!

Okay, these are links to two of my entries. The first one shows the game my husband and I attended at BMO field last week, and the second one is from when my daugher and I visited Amsterdam last April.

You can see what BMO field is like and also what I look like. BMO field is right next to the Food Building at the CNE, which I always find quite amusing. XDD

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I as well don't post much on lj now :S

I'm sorry you'll have to stay this summer, but look on the bright side, you get to see RM! I know what u mean that u feel its not the 'real RM' the one we know, but yeah they're big names & they'll be wearing our shirt. Hope its a good game & hopefully you'll enjoy :D say hi to them from me hehe :P

Oh u also went to Coldplay's concert, another fun/nice thing. See, people u like r coming to u :P

Take care!
I like that, the "people u like r coming to u". That is so true these days. Thanks for the cheery reply!! Hope your days have been going well.