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I hate the fact that Ibra is on Barca. What do I do? Do I actually watch Barca now? Do I dare support them in any way, shape or form? Of course I want Real Madrid to win...but do I really want Real Madrid to win? That would help to support the case that you can 'buy' a championship and I am totally against that. The majority of ,my favourite players (Higuain, Gago, Ramos, Casillas) are on Real but will they ALL be there playing and consistently for the entire season? And what about Juventus? I love their additions. They are such a positive, happy team - in fact, more like a family than a team. Would it be wrong in any way for me to want Juventus to beat Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions game? Do I watch Inter this season now that my favourite player from that team is gone? Is it appropriate to watch a team JUST to see the coach? Do I want Higuain to play for France? I want him to play in the World Cup but really is it proper to want him JUST to play for any team or to have him play on a team I know he wants to play for. Ditto for Amauri. Oh Amauri - let's not even go there....that topic is a far too dangerous one. We'll leave what is and is not socially and morally acceptable when it comes to married men for another post.

Gosh, I wonder if Socrates ever had to deal with such thoughts as he watched the Olympics? He was such a Pankration fanboy. At least HIS athletes performed in the nude. Perhaps our boys should take a hint for Friday night.
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You're priceless you know that...

I do understand what you mean though...RM just isn't the same team anymore and it's very disconcerting to say the least. I do think Barca is going to kick their butts now that Ibra is on the team. Support Ibra first and Barca if you want...I do like Pique on that team.

Not entirely sure that Gago or Higuain are going to play consistently on RM in all honesty which worries me because now that they signed Xabi...Gago will have to fight for a spot and well it seems Perez just doesn't give a damn that if it wasn't for Higuain then RM wouldn't have made the top 5 last year...maybe not even the top 10 really as it's his 23 goals that kept the team on top but that doesn't matter to the idiots who own/run the team. They don't see that nor do the Spanish fans either...and as I told you they want flashy players that score inconsistently like CRon and Kaka rather than unflashy consistent goal scorers like Higuain...wtf is wrong with this picture? Sad really. Thank the gods that Sergio is a deferenceman because where he goes I go abut then again I was never in it for the flash I've always liked Ds as you well know. But back to Higuain...he should play where he can get exposure so that he can go to a team that will play him!

Now Juventus is exciting to watch....omgs they have such team chemistry too - on and off the pitch...like a big family...wish RM had that but too many egos I guess and they just added more *sigh, shrugs*

Remember I know that loop hole in Catholic dogma that can get around that marriage thing *winks* srsly...so no worries with Amauri...and thro morals out the window...Cron has ROFLMAO

And when RM plays Juve...Kaka will look at Amauri and think he just saw Jesus ROFL...er...maybe it's Judas now that I think of it...no Jesus...no Judas...ahh biblical none the less!!!

Oh Socrates I heart you!

btw I need a Juve icon STAT!

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I will definitely watch Barca this season. Ibra is awesome to watch. He may be a diva but he really is an exciting player.

"But back to Higuain...he should play where he can get exposure"...really, I shouldn't read comments SOOOO literally *mind wanders*

I do love the loopholes in Catholic dogma. I doubt Amauri would complain. *raises eyebrow* As for Kaka, I'm pretty sure it won't take much to convince him into believing Amauri is somehow related to the guy on the Shroud of Turin...LOL...
I swear this transfer season has been terribly stressful for all the fans. Our teams are being ripped apart or changed in ways that we are not sure about. I think the best way to deal with it is to watch the games during the season and make up our minds about who we like better and who we would like to see go forward in the Champions League and the Europa cup league thing. I'm going to do that anyway because it is all so very confusing!
And lucky us, we get to go through it all over again at Christmas during the second transfer season.