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Day Two of 2010

Spent most of today cleaning out the kitchen. The place has been purged of all old items that really didn't belong. The rest of the apartment is to follow. Am now going to finish the night by watching The Two Towers extended edition. Looking forward to tomorrow and the first Real Madrid game of the year. Serie A is back on Wednesday. Am also happy to see that Rafa started off his year by winning the Abu Dhabi and lucky magnifica87 who got to see him live. Great pics from the event, thanks again for sharing :)
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Oooh your posting on lj again! :D *blushes* thanx for mentioning me & ur welcome :) I'm happy to share. I hope Rafa comes again next year or end of this year.
Thanks, I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to start posting again in LJ so here I am. I really want to try to post something every day for the year just to keep a true record of my thoughts and activities.

Let's hope that Rafa does go back again every year and that he keeps winning it as well :D

Let's also hope that he makes it to my city this summer and that the weather is perfect and I can go see him play, hopefully in doubles as well.