One week down

Interesting week back at work. I was sick for two of the five days but managed to make it through. Things are definitely slowing down as I am spending more time working on finance than transfers...YAY. As for the week that was outside of work, I started resuming my daily yoga practice skipping only one day due to a headache. Nothing much happening tv-wise...everything is on hiatus until after the Olympics. As a result I was able to watch the LOTR extended trilogy. Great movies but honestly I really think  if Gandalf could have just been a little more generous with his use of magic a lot of the obstacles could have been avoided. Then again, that would have eliminated the point of the movie and likely over half the storyline. quidquid People's Choice Awards were better than usual this year. Queen Latifah hosted. I basically only stayed up to see if The Big Bang Theory would win...it did...best Comedy Series. Now it's up to the Golden Globe and Emmy panel to acknowledge the brilliance of that show.

Football - it's the January transfers season so all I keep hearing is daily Higuain, Gago and Amauri trade rumours. Very depressing. In Juveland, Trezeguet is out for 40 days so it looks like Amauri may be safe to stay and will get more than his share of playing time. That said, Iaquinta should be back soon and hopefully playing as well as he did prior to his injury. Camoranesi is still out. Gigi as well. To top it off, they play AC Milan this weekend. Poor babies. Of almost as important significance, Amauri cut his hair. Don't panic, I suppose I should use the word 'trim" rather than "cut". He still looks adorable.

In Madrid, I wish I could avoid discussing that last game but alas...how could they not beat Osasuna That was truly pathetic...arguably, worse than a loss. They should be on top of the standings now but no, they couldn't even get one goal. Granted they did play reasonably well but no goal, no win. Highlight (or, perhaps, lowlight) was the best attempt of the game, by Higuain, of course, and the ensuing dramatics that followed. Epic fail but LOL moment to be sure. This week they are without Sergio and without Lass so I expect to see some strange combinations out there to compensate. Guti? Gago? Anything is possible.

I did win on my soccer proline ticket this week thanks to Inter, Napoli and Fiorentina. Fiorentina....wow, now that is a team that has a lot of firepower. I'm surprised they aren't higher up in the Serie A standings. Still have yet to cash in that ticket.

I must find out if this Setanta US situation (no EPL games) will affect me here in Canada. If FoxSports takes over Setanta does that mean FoxSports will no longer cover Serie A in favour of EPL? That will be so annoying. First GolTV drops half the Real Madrid games and forces Barca upon me instead. I love Ibra but I can only take so much of that team. Now my weekly Juve and Inter fix may be disappearing as well. I have no idea how TLN will fit into the picture but fortunately for now I know they will still cover Serie A. I guess if all else fails I still have the internet. 

Rafa is through to the finals in Doha so that is a great way for him to start the year. I've requested a week off to coincide with the first week of the Australian Open so I'll get to see those matches on tv instead of internet. Mind you I'm certain the matches will be time delayed due to the time differences. Still, it will be nice to see him play again in HD.

I'm about to go into my performance review and then spend the rest of the afternoon working on Visa recs (well at least that is what I will pretend to be doing). Ciao
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Glad you're feeling better :) & good you go to yoga...I dont remember when was the last time I went :S

Our match?! :-/ we missed that chance, but well I hope Barca slip & we win this weekend.

Aww you'll take a week off to watch Rafa?! Thats so nice :) Good luck to him in the Doha final 2moro & in this season.
Yes I took a week off before to watch him play the French Open and Wimbledon and he won. I hope that plan works again. I've never taken time off during the winter so it will be a nice break.
You have no idea how happy I am we're off the week of the Australian Open. I've hated not being able to watch Rafa play!

I'm so annoyed with these "tv channels" & their game coverage or should I say lack thereof. I wish for sports you could pay for what teams you want to watch instead of for the channel...that way you get all the channels covering that team in all languages & are able to pick & chose which to watch. We really need to hook up the internet to the TV until these stations resolve their situations!
Yes, I'm looking forward to it as well. I've been off for the French Open and for Wimbledon before. We should start to make this a traditional week off - one day hopefully we will be in Melbourne to see the event in person :D

I don't understand why they can't just make soccer available the same as they do hockey. It's like what you said - you pay for seasons packages for your teams or for all soccer in, for e.g. Serie A or La Liga. You'd still get the freebie coverage on Sportsnet and TLN but ditch the soccer channels. Or maybe just define the soccer channels - e.g. GolTV is exclusively La Liga and covers all La Liga games with the main matches of the week live and the remainders as rebroadcasts throughout the week. Same for Serie A channel, an EPL channel, a Bundesliga channel, etc...of course that would be too simple *rolls eyes* Just so long as RAY HUDSON calls all Real Madrid and Juventus games and Barca so he can drool over Ibra. And I'd love to hear his take on J-Mo as well(LOL).