Busy Saturday, Relaxing Sunday

So Rafa lost in the Doha finals. That's a shame. But at least it is a good sign that the made the finals of the first two events he was in this year. I hope the success continues. What was with soccer yesterday..a lot of weirdness. Most of the EPL games are ppd. Everton and Arsenal tie? Inter almost loses? Sevilla loses? A lot of shocking results. I'm worried about the Juve game...half their regular lineup is out and they are facing A.C. Milan. A lot of players (READ: AMAURI) need to step it up or else they are going to be embarrassed. I am not worried about Real Madrid although it is Mallorca,the surprisingly successful team of the season, that they will be facing. They do have a hot goalie in Aouate - I may even be slightly distracted by him as I watch the game. Let's hope it's a good match.

Spend most of Saturday shopping primarily for household items -  major grocery shopping, a new vacuum cleaner, a featherbed and some new Rodney Yee yoga dvds to supplement the daily workouts. I'm not a fan of shopping, especially in the winter and especially late in the day when it is so crowded at the mall. Late dinner - roast beef and potatoes - yummy. 

Today will be strictly soccer, cleaning the apartment and continuing reading A Game of Thrones. I also need to finish watching the Ancients Behaving Badly documentary on Caligula. Have only seen the first half's very, ummm, trashy, but we'll see if they can add some substance to it in the second half.
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Shame about Rafa losing, but like you said, he at least got to the finals.

Soccer was indeed strange yesterday. I watched the Arsenal-Everton game. Arsenal didn't have Cesc, the snow was extremely heavy and it was slippery, Everton's defense was better than Arsenal's...all those things contributed to the tie, I think. And Landon Donovan made his debut with Everton...I am not a fan of his, but I have to admit he did very well. His positioning was always good, his crosses were excellent, if not his accuracy with shots on goal, and he took the corner kicks really well.

I started to watch the Sevilla game but when I found out the result I left it on in the background and went to the computer instead to do a few things. It seems to me that Racing Santander is a completely different team from what I remember. The announcer said it was a young team, so I guess they have brought up some players from the cantera.

I also 'watched' the Inter game while I was at the comp. I do love Wesley Snejder! :)

I am not really following Juve anymore...I forget why they fell out of favour but they did. AC Milan have been stronger lately, with Marco Borriello especially playing very well, so I fear that they could beat Juve quite handily.

No, my Il Calcio teams this year are Napoli and Palermo. Specifically because of their Argentine players. XD

Ahhh...Ancient Rome is one of my loves! I guess Caligula sort of invites trashiness. :P
Speaking of which, I have just purchased the third season of The Tudors and can't wait to watch it. :)

Palermo is one of my fav teams this year in Serie A....mostly because of Cavani. He is a Gago clone IMO and you can never have too much of Gago. Glad to see the real Gago back in the starting line up this weekend. I can't blame you for not following Juve as they have been awful this season. A lot of injuries. The new signings aren't helping. They received Martin Caceres on loan from Barca and that pretty much has been the highlight of their season. Sneijder is playing so well on Inter - better there than Real Madrid. I think he may have become J-Mo's fav player of late.

If you like Ancient Rome, have you heard about this new series called Spartacus: Blood and Sand? It is supposed to debut this month on TMN. I'm looking forward to it. Season three of The Tudors was better than I had thought it would be. I kind of expected it to go downhill after the death of Anne Boleyn but it was still excellent. And Charles Brandon looks better than ever in Season Three which certainly helps. Enjoy your dvds :)
Cavani really is a Gago clone! Actually, there is another Uruguayan, Alvaro Gonzalez, who played for Boca Jrs, and is now with Nacional de Montevideo, who looks very much like both Cavani and Gago! (It must be an Uruguayan thing - I wonder if Fer has any Uru blood?)

Yes, I agree about Martin Caceres. I still can't watch Juve this season, though. Maybe it's because I don't like to feel pain.

Yes! I did hear about Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I must watch it. I'll keep my eyes open for it.

Well, I loved the second season of The Tudors and I'm glad to hear that Season Three was not a disappointment. Charles Brandon...whew! *fans self* I could watch that man forever. Mmmm...liked him in Tristan and Isolde too. XD

Thank you! I certainly shall enjoy the DVDs.
I am going to google Alvaro Gonzalez right now!

Wait till you see Charles Brandon in season three....mmmmm. His hair is longer although not quite the length of his beautiful locks in Tristan and Isolde. He is still a thing of beauty.
Well, I watched the first episode of Season Three and I am already drooling over will be difficult not to pull an all-nighter and stay up to watch the whole boxed set in one evening.
Me too...send me back to Ancient Rome or Greece or Renaissance Italy or France. Just so long as I'm rich,not a servant.
Oh yes, for sure. It would definitely make a huge difference. I am not sure I'd like to be a 'lady-in-waiting' either, since most of them seem to have been badly used by men not of their own choice. :(