Jan 10 games...

Mixed bag this weekend with soccer. Of course Real Madrid won. I expected that. And Higuain scored...also expected that. Gago starting - THAT I didn't expect. It was a much welcome surprise. He played a great game especially since he hadn't started for the team in months. With the injuries to Alonso and VDV it's likely he may see more playing time. If not, at least he proved his worth yesterday and hopefully will retain his starting spot with the national team.  Real Madrid play next on Saturday at 2 PM....right about when my Council meeting ends so I'll probably miss the first half :(

Juve...*hangs head*....there really are no words. I foresaw that result. What is really pathetic is that A.C. Milan didn't play that well...they just kept control of the ball and capitalized on the chances they had. Amauri please wake up and score. When is Iaquinta back??Caceres will at least add a spark to the offense (which says a lot since he plays defense LOL) when he returns for the next game. They play Napoli this Wednesday....that doesn't sound promising.

With the AC Milan win, I did win again on Proline. That's twice in the week. I seem to be on a roll. We'll see how long that keeps up.

My boss has left work early today so I plan on leaving to go home before 4. Yoga tonight and then a new episode of The Big Bang Theory :D Is American Idol starting up tomorrow? Anyone know? There really isn't much to watch these days so any new series is like a blessing!
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I'm so happy Gago started. I just wish Real would realized his worth and actually play him on a regular basis. I don't like this attitude that they'll keep him & play him when injuries to others happen. That's not giving Gago the credit he deserves. He has talent & if they're not going to play him I'd rather he go to a team that will... *coughJuventuscough*
By the looks of it, he will be playing thanks to all the injuries and absences in the midfield. As long as he continues to play well, and there is no reason why he wouldn't, there is no excuse to sit him.