Didn't this happen last year as well???

Poor Gonzalo :( The boy just can't catch a break. Now he is injured and out for 3 weeks. Would it be too much to ask for him to be able to complete one full season, as a starter, without any injuries? I'm convinced if that could happen he would wind up leading the league in scoring (ok he'd tie Ibra). At least he will be back in time for the Champions League match in February. And now we are stuck with Benzema instead. *yawns* He does nothing for me. I'd rather Raul or Ruud for that matter. They may be older, they may be slower, but at least they add some punch to the team. 

Once and for all, Gago is NOT going to Man City. I will not permit it.

Did anyone watch The Big Bang Theory last night? Another brilliant episode. All I keep thinking of is 'Sheldon Cooper,  wingman'. LOL - Someone needs to make an icon. Whose idea was it to put Fringe on at the same time as BBT? Just torture me. I had to dvr Fringe so I still haven't seen the end of it yet. Please keep the show on Thursdays from now on though. Tonight another season of American Idol starts up. I usually don't bother watching the audition shows but if nothing better is on I guess it will be the default for tonight. Is it true that Victoria Beckham will be a guest panel member tonight? Wow! Who's next? Vanilla Ice?? o_O
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Poor Gonzalo alright & there goes my hopes that he will have more goals than anyone else on Realy & in the league for that matter. &^%$#@! I so wanted him to especially pass Ronaldo thus proving Perez knows shit about anything!

Oh hell no way is Gago going anywhere but Juventus and that's final! Hear me oh great gods of soccer/footy...Gago to Juventus pls & thank you.

If those rat bastards ever put Fringe & BBT on again at the same time I'll curse them into their next life time. Frickin' torture is right. My 2 fav shows...how dare they do that!!!

BBT > any other show, always. Sorry, Fringe. And last night's ep of Fringe was a good one too :( At least it's dvrd.

Gago must stay where he is and play regularly. That would be the best solution. Failing that, I would want him on the hotness that is Juve. Then Juve will start winning again and will be lauded by the hairdressers association of Europe as Best Coiffed Team EVER.

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I went to play tennis & on the way I read about Gonzalo. At first I couldn't concentrate...Gonzalo is a great player, he has helped us a lot, its so sad that he's injured, but well, football/life can be unfair. I hope he makes a quick recovery.

I watched HIMYM, but I didn't watch BBT's new episode :S I'll ask my bro to download it. I miss Sheldon! He's really funny!