A Game of Thrones

As I wait for the Palermo v Lazio game to start I thought 'd take some time to mention that I am currently obsessed with the book I am reading a fantasy novel entitled A Game of Thrones. I purchased the novel ages ago...okay maybe about two or three years or so. I never was able to start it though as there were always other books popping up that took priority. I also realized starting this book  would mean a commitment as it is the first in a series of rather lengthy novels. The appendix alone was quite intimidating with it's 25 page long guide to the various characters. So it was deprioritized, set aside and has gathered dust for the past few years. I had pretty much forgotten about it until I was recently reminded of the impending HBO series based on it. My interest was piqued and I decided to start it, fully expecting to be put off by the first few chapters. Boy was I wrong. Love it. In fact I don't think I have loved a novel or its characters as much since Good Omens. I'm only about 1/3 of the way in but I am trying not to rush through it. Reading a great book is such sweet want to keep reading to find out what happens yet you know once you reach the end it is simply over. Fortunately there are three more books in the series that are currently available with a few more yet to be released.  These novels are exactly what I've been looking for to carry me through the bleak winter months. By spring I should be back to my regular repertoire of historical fiction.

If you enjoy fantasy novels and if you have the time to read them, by all means read this novel. It's brilliant.
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Oh my. I've already seen the Lazio-Palermo game, sadly, and then read this post. *sigh*

This book sounds great. I must have it. I hope it is available at Chapters, but if not, I am sure I can get it from Thanks for the recommendation.
Sad performance by Palermo. I expected better.

The book is definitely available from Chapters. Just be sure you have enough time to read it - it's 807 pages long.

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When my sister and I were younger we had this 'contest' in which each of us would try to find the longest possible novels we could discover in the local library (George H. Locke - do you know it?) And we would try to beat each other in finishing them. We discovered many great reads that way - 'Mila 18', 'Gone with the Wind', 'Les Miserables', 'The Count of Monte Cristo' - and many more. I'd LOVE to read another long book, even though I have about a half-dozen I still need to get to. Thanks for the rec - I am determined to read the book. It sounds great.