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The Blackout...

Arrived home last night only to discover the condo complex was in a total power blackout. We had been notified ahead of time that there would be intermittent disruptions, all scheduled to end at 2 PM that day. Apparently there was a major accident to one of the contractors repairing the boards who, it was later discovered, was working on a project he had not been qualified to complete. We were updated that power was supposed to be restored between 10 PM and midnight. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Ultimately the condo remained black from 10:15 am on Thursday to 5 am this morning. No hydro - no hot water, no electricity, no heat. niviene  and I went out for a good portion of the evening, had dinner, did some shopping and returned to the black hole. As a result of the power outage, almost the entire contents of our fridge will need to be thrown out. All the frozen foods had defrosted rendering them inedible. Ditto for all the perishable items in the fridge - dips, butter, juice, milk, yogurt, etc. What a complete waste. This little incident will now be setting us back probably about $200 in grocery expenses. Somehow with all the bureaucracy (it's the management's fault, it's the contractors fault, etc.) I doubt we will be reimbursed for any of it.  We have also been advised that the problem is not even completely fixed and we may still experience power outages until Wednesday. Gee, great. Should make for an interesting week off. *rolls eyes*

It's the day before the Council and Board Meetings. Uggh. So much to do. Fortunately I'm finished almost all of it. After the meetings,as noted above,  I'm off for a week. Nothing major planned. I'll probably go to the AGO to see the King Tut exhibit. Mostly I plan on watching the Australian Open. Men's draw can be found here. Quickly glancing over the draw, I think Rafa has a pretty decent selection. Granted he'd face Murray in the QFs, the really nasty boys (Fed, Davydenko, Djokovic, Soderling) are all on the other side of the draw so they can fight it out amongst themselves. Feliciano is in the Roddick/DelPotro quarter, on Rafa's side of the draw. In a perfect world Rafa would face Feli in the Semis. I hope the weather is cooperative and not too hot.

My weekend schedule:
Two meetings from 9 AM to whenever they finish (but before 4 PM)
Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao @ 2PM
Inter v Bari @ 2:45 PM
Barca v Sevilla @ 4 PM

Juventus v Chievo @ 9 AM
Facial @ 1:30 PM
Golden Globe Awards @ 8 PM
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Hey, umm did u change the layout/background of ur lj? Coz its all white, there's no layout/template...so I duno if something went wrong when changing it. I checked my other friends on lj, its only yours.

I'm sorry for the blackout...yikes that's bad. Couldn't you stay at a friend's house? Not qualified to do the job, ahh that's bad. You should complain (that's if there's someone that'll hear you). If there's a risk that it'll happen during the week then dont go for heavy grocery shopping, just what you need for these days. You don't want to throw them away again. I hope they fix the problem before the AO Open, you took a week off to watch.

Our match will clash with your meeting then? Good luck to the boys, hope we win :)
I did change my layout/background but it works for me. I had a problem viewing it this morning but it seems to be okay now. I'll check at home what it looks like cause maybe it doesn't work on all browsers. If not, I'll just change it back to the plain old one.

As for the blackout, there are probably people I could have stayed with but it's not something I'd want to do in the middle of the night - just show up and ask if I can stay over. I am not going grocery shopping - I'll just buy stuff day to day until it's over. My roommate did lodge a complaint with the management already.

I will probably miss half of the match tomorrow depending on how long my second meeting runs. Oh well - let's hope they win :)