Mind like Aristotle, Form like Sin

Philosophy Pick Up Lines

What's up everyone? It's the same old, same old for me. Lots of Futbol, Big Bang Theory, Lost, American Idol, Amazing Race...a bit less tennis as Rafa has not been himself in quite a long time. It is my slow season at work but I've come to the sad conclusion that I no longer truly have a 'slow' season. Bloody internet transfers....I curse you. 

I guess the biggest news of the week  was the exit of Real Madrid Champions League. Spanish media has been brutal. For once I wish I could really tune out from the internet and the daily newsfeed. Alas, it is not that simple. So I must turn to something that will cheer me up. I came across an article on the internet last summer which included the following LOL philosophy pick up lines:
  • Aristotle - You know what Nichomacus says about size?
  • Buddhist - Emptiness is great, but getting filled is better.
  • Christian - Hey Baby, are you ready for the second cumming?
  • Freud - What Freudians repress, let’s express.
  • Gnostic - Let me introduce you to the realm of perpetual cumming.
  • Greek - I want you more than a little Greek boy.
  • Heidegger - Sure you know that sex is great, but let me take you home and demonstrate the know-how.
  • Hindu - And you thought Brahma had heads cumming in every direction...
  • Hume - Just because you’ve spent every other night of your life without me doesn’t mean anything about tonight.
  • William James - Well, as James says, I can’t tell you about the experience.
  • Kabala - Let’s just say that it’s easier to measure it in cubits.
  • Kant - Being with you tonight is a categorical imperative. (that line is so Sheldon Cooper it hurts!!)
  • Kierkegaard - You into S&M? How about Fear and Trembling?
  • Lipton - You give Lipton’s theory of loveliness new meaning.
  • Logic - {A}x(Mx→{E}y(Yy^Dyx)) M = me; Y= you; D = does tonight
  • Marx - Well, Marx says we should all tend the field, I’m just asking to do my part.
  • Nietzsche - God is dead and you’re his replacement.
  • Plato - I would love to witness the true realm of your form.
  • Voltaire - Make Pangloss right, be in my world.
Note to self: keep that Plato line handy in case you ever bump into Higuain Amauri
And BTW, I really think the Hume line would work on me. Sad but true. 
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