Beware the Ides...

Happy Ides (even though it wasn't a very happy one for Julius Caesar, so sayeth the soothsayer) - also known as my second New Year. Hope everyone is enjoying the early spring weather. We still have a few days until it's officially here but I'd like to be the first to say bye bye to winter. So long windchill factor, hello humidity warnings. Today was the first work morning under Daylight Savings Time. Argh, I hate it. I don't have a problem with the hour timeshift. What I do have a problem with is waking up in total darkness again after about a month of waking up to sunlight. Very sad.

The weekend went by relatively pain free. Friday night was the Hit for Haiti which was mildly amusing. Agassi was a riot and Fed held his own. Sampras just seemed pissed off most of the time. Rafa was cute, as always. Too bad Roddick and Djokovic weren't participating. They are truly enjoyable in these types of exhibitions. The BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells is in full swing now. Rafa plays Mario Ancic later today and I'll be watching. I see Feliciano has made it through to the 3rd round o_O The bye helped.  Alas, he faces the Sod so I'm not sure how much longer he will be around in this tournament :( In doubles, Rafa and his partner Marc Lopez will be facing Feliciano and his partner Fernando Verdasco in an all Spain event. I guess I'll be happy with those results either way.

Soccer was umm, interesting. Inter lost on Friday leaving the Serie A wide open but no one except AC Milan seemed to capitalize. Juve had a 3-0 lead but wound up with a tie. No Amauri, no Iaquinta, no Gigi, no Camo, no Caceres starting. In other words, I wasn't too upset that TLN had technical difficulties and couldn't broadcast the game. I was able to watch Palermo lose instead....Cavani managed a goal. In other hot goalscorer news, Matri scored but Cagliari lost and although Fiorentina won Vargas didn't play. Hmmm, well in better hot goalscorer news, Higuain had a hat trick for Real Madrid who won 4-1 and remained on top of La Liga for another week. After all the Higuain-bashing last week it was great to see him come back and perform at his usual level of brilliance. He is second in league scoring, three behind Messi and two ahead of Villa and four ahead of Ronaldo, with 12 games left in the season.  It was very refreshing to see Gago receive some pitch time as well, even if it was for only five minutes. Hopefully he'll get more time in the future - and ideally during away games far from the maddening Real Madrid home fans. Coming up this week in futbol is the big Chelsea vs Inter Champions League game tomorrow and the Europa game on Thursday for Juventus and Fulham. Hopefully the Italian teams will both make it through.

Big Bang Theory is a repeat tonight so I will get to see Gossip Girl. I missed last week's new episode. I guess I should try to find an episode recap somewhere on line.

It was just announced that Lady Gaga (hardest thing to type ever is GAGA, I always want to type GAGO) will be performing at the ACC on Sunday, July 11th which is the same day as the World Cup Final. Ticket prices are still TBA. Not sure if I want to go. OK I probably do but not if tickets are ridiculously priced. 
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Daylight Savings Time is evil period! Makes me so tired for weeks.

Oh the Hit for Haiti was priceless especially when Rafa told Agassi to settle down VAMOS RAFA! Oh I hope Feli wins against SOD...I'm not holding my breath but I can hope can't I?

Juventus is so sad right now...everybody is so injured I feel sorry for them. Higuain is gold! CR9 is over rated and so is Messi. Both are jealous of Gonzalo imho. I almost cried when Gago came on the pitch. Bastards are Real for not playing their BEST midfielder. If J-Mo was there it'd be a different story....gods I hope they [Real Madrid] don't sell Gago then hire Jose. I'd smack em if they did that!!! J-Mo would LOVE Gago LOVE I say!

Can I just say Sergio Ramos and his 5 o'clock shadow...

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I saw this video and thought it was okay but a little weird. Typical Lady Gaga though. Not so typical Beyonce. I still like the song.