4 Leaf Clovers & Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Champions League final eight are: Arsenal, Man U, Lyon, Bordeaux, Barcelona, CSKA, Inter and Bayern. The draw is Friday. In a perfect world I want an Inter and Man U (or Arsenal) final. Or actually maybe an Inter and Lyon final so all the Real Madrid fans in the Bernabeu will cheer for Inter to take out the team that knocked RM out.

The seeds are dropping at the BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells Federer falls to Baghdatis. Djokovic out in straight sets to Ljubicic. Feli is out. On the good side, Rafa has just defeated John Isner and Juan Monaco is still in :)

I had a relatively easy day at work. Spent most of the morning helping one of my coworkers look for a new apartment. Will be looking at more apartments on Friday. It is slow now and there is no pressure to get anything done. The month is more than half over and going by too quickly. It is the month I scheduled all my medical appointments - three of five are done. The remaining two are next week. Hopefully everything goes well.

Idol results show tonight. Boy this group of contestants really suck. I hope they improve as the season progresses. Last night's LOST wasn't that great IMO. With only 8 more episodes left they really didn't advance the story much. Next week focuses on Richard so that should be a good one. I heard that Jim Parsons wants Betty White to play his Meemaw on Big Bang Theory. She'd be perfect IMO. I just watched The Proposal and she stole all the scenes she was in.

Nothing special planned for tonight. I really should have that Guinness.
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