The Champions League Draw...

The Champions League Quarter Final match ups have been set.
  1. Barcelona vs Arsenal (I just became a huge Arsenal fan...go Cesc!)
  2. Lyon vs Bordeaux (Lyon trashed Real Madrid...go Bordeaux)
  3. Bayern Munich vs Man United (a terrible call allowed Bayern to secure this spot instead of my precious Fiorentina...go Man U)
  4. Inter vs CSKA Moscow (duh...J-Mo all the way!)
Somewhere right now Florentino Perez must be cringing. On May 22nd, in Real Madrid's home stadium, Mr. Perez will be feigning enthusiasm as he squirms in one of those premium seats watching these teams playing for the championship that his very own multi-million dollar mega team was expected, nay, 'pre-destined' to win. That could be either Man U, the team that he overpaid to acquire Ronaldo. Hmm, last I checked Man U seem to be doing just fine without C-Ron. Or perhaps it will be Lyon, the under dog team that already defeated his over-priced Real Madrid squad. Or perhaps it will be Bayern Munich, the team he shipped Arjen Robben off to. Or Inter, where Wesley Sneijder currently leads the way. Or worst-case scenario, he'll be sitting there watching Real Madrid's arch-rivals Barcelona contend for their second straight Champions League title. Have fun Mr. Perez. As you can see, money does not buy you happiness or titles. Karma - it's a good thing. Now tell me again, are you so sure that it is a good idea to get rid of Higuain?

Please remember, I am a Real Madrid fan. I'm just stating my opinion. I honestly liked the team better last year. They had more character and, arguably, more desire.  If RM don't win La Liga, their last remaining hope for hardware this season,  I fear for what might occur in the off season.

In my perfect world Champions League final, Inter would defeat Man U. Hey, it's only fair. A Spanish team won in Italy last year so an Italian team should win in Spain this year. Of course the Spanish media would have a field day with Jose Mourinho. The exchange between Mourinho and Perez may actually be more entertaining than the game itself especially after the photos of J-Mo having dinner with Gago and Higuain are circulated *grins*. You go J-Mo. Oh, and not to be left out, Ronaldo can take solace in the fact that Man U did not win, not that anyone really cares. And in conclusion Raul is not happy.

Don't even get me started on Juventus. That Europa League game is a nightmare I don't want to relive anytime soon.
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Not a big football fan really, but I was amused by Juventus' efforts last night. Greatly.
I find myself agreeing with almost everything you said.
Well, if the rumours are true about Cesc wanting to play for Barca one day, then he'd better do his best and beat them! I am fully rooting for Arsenal in this one.
I have a major crush on Cesar Delgado of Lyon, but since I have been a big fan of Bordeaux for awhile now, I do hope Gourcuff and crew can pull off a win. This draw is so interesting. The games should be most exciting.
*blah* Bayern! GO United! I actually am growing rather fond of United...somebody save me!
I love Jose but I find Inter very boring. Yet CSKA beat my Sevilla. But it was Sevilla's fault for playing so poorly...and I do love Speedy Gonzalez and that cute little Shennikov...and...I don't know.

I like your thoughts in the last two paragraphs. :)
Wayne Rooney is having an amazing year for United. I still don't have an official favourite EPL team although Tottenham are my prime contenders. Suffice to say I'm with Arsenal for the Champ League.

As for Inter, they are the MOST boring team to watch. If Jose weren't there I wouldn't even give a second glance at this team. At least last year Ibra was entertaining. Still I want the lone Italian team to go as far as they can in this Championship.

I do feel bad for Real Madrid though in that they have so much pressure on them to WIN WIN WIN everything.