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Last night on American Idol, the contestants performed #1 songs from Billboard. Miley Cyrus served as mentor to the group. A lot of people would argue that at 17 she may not exactly be the ideal candidate to serve as a mentor but in all fairness she is a successful musician and, let's face it, a good number of the candidates are around her age. I'm certain Aaron and Katie, for example, would be far more able to relate to her than a fifty year old music legend who has achieved the majority of their success prior to the invention of the CD.

My take on the performances (in order of performance):

Lee - I can say unabashedly that I can't remember Lee at all from qualifying but after the past two weeks he has really made a name for himself with some memorable performances. Last night he sang The Letter by The Boxtops, a song that I do enjoy. His take on it, although somewhat Vegas-y, was at least memorable and his vocals were spot on. II truly believe Lee is underrated and is one of the top five if not top three performers this season.

Paige - it didn't bode well for her when she sang Against All Odds. I loathe that song so it would take a miracle performance for me to like it. She bombed. She had zero personality and zero vocal range. I zoned out after the first minute of her progressively degrading performance. I have her in my bottom three.

Tim - singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love - yes he was horrible but unlike Paige, he was entertaining. He tried to dance, err, move around the stage, and interact with the audience but it was epic fail. Still his FAIL was so bad I had to stay up to watch it on the rebroadcast. It was so bad it was funny. He must stay around at least another week. Unlike Paige who bored me to tears at least I'd watch him perform to see how bad he can get. He's fun.

Aaron - again not another one of my favourite songs, I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing *yawn*, so basically I wasn't too enthusiastic. Further, the boy had laryngitis. This song was way too big for him. He played it down well enough but the powerful vocals are needed to really make this song work. He didn't do a bad job, he just didn't do as great a job as this song demands. Still, he was likeable and doesn't have a hideaous voice so I'd keep him around for another week.

Crystal - singing Joplin. Oh there's a surprise. Now I don't want to criticize her because anyone in their right mind has to admit she is the best of the lot by far but I do want to say that there is just something missing from her performance. Perhaps the best way to put it is that I'd listen to her music for hours but I don't think I'd ever go to one of her concerts. 

Big Mike - when he sang that first line of When A Man Loves A Woman I truly expected it to be one of if not the best performances of the night. It wasn't. It was just mediocre. I love Big Mike. He's in my top five, period.

Andrew - BUTCHERED one of the classic songs of all time - I Heard it Through the Grapevine. As much as I despised Paige's performance, I hope Andrew goes home this week. 

Katie - sang Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry EXACTLY like Fergie...okay well maybe not quite as good as Fergie but still a good job.

Casey - sang The Power of Love EXACTLY like Huey Lewis. Casey seems to have a knack for selecting songs that he CAN sing. I'll give him that credit. He was great but he just doesn't deliver more than what is required for him to get by. Too bad. Still, he's in my top three.

Didi - attempted to sing Linda Ronstadt's Your're No Good. And she wasn't...good, that is. I have her in the last spot of my bottom three.

Siobhan - sang one of my all time favourite songs, Superstition, by Stevie Wonder. She was good but did not blow me away. I actually think she is overrated. I'd probably keep her in my top five for now but just barely.

We'll see how the results goes tonight.

Thanks to last night's episode of LOST I will never be able to watch a Tenerife match without thinking of Richard Alpert. Of course it also reminded me of how much I'd like to visit the Canary Islands. BTW, I know a lot of Spanish LOST fans who probably loved that ep since no translation was required.  
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I really MUST watch American Idol. I read about the contenders avidly in Entertainment Weekly every week, but have not yet watched any of this season's shows. *makes mental note to get with the programme!*

I agree with you on having a younger singer like Miley Cyrus as mentor rather than an older legend. Besides, Miley seems very mature, a seasoned performer, and quite able to handle the job! (I like Miley a lot. XD)

It sounds like last night's performances were all in all, pretty bad. Who, at this stage, do you think the eventual winner will be?

LOST: What an amazing episode! I was very sick at the time I watched it and probably didn't get the full gist, but I LOVE the 'Spanishness'! And I totally ♥ Richard (Ricardo)! I hope he figures LARGE in the final few episodes. And WHO do you think the Island's new guardian will be in the end? If that's the way it ends up?
I like Miley as well. She seems like an okay kid all things considered.

On Idol this year Crystal is so much better than everyone else. You really could say it is her competition to lose.

I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope you are feeling better now. This weather has been crazy lately so that isn't helping at all.

I loved the fact that Richard was from Tenerife and yes, all the Spanishness was cool.

If you think about it, for the entire series it has been Jack vs Locke - kind of like a new Jacob vs MIB. Who will turn out to be the new guardian? I don't have any preferences other than I want it to be someone who WANTS to be on the island and one of the main characters. It should have been Locke or even Ben but I don't think that will happen. I just hope there is a happy and satisfying ending for everyone. I miss Desmond and Deniel - they must have episodes coming up soon.
I think Aaron may be able to slip through because he is cute and young and that should give him some free passes for a few weeks. But really it is only those top five which we both agree on. I just hope Lee does stick around. Sometimes I think he may go early just because he isn't that memorable or that charismatic. Then again, he is very similar to Kris Allen in that aspect. Kris was a great singer, reasonably attractive with modest charisma and he won. Let's face it, barring any total breakdown, Crystal has this in the bag She doesn't offend anyone, she's unique, super talented and a girl is due to win.

I hope there will be some good themes and guests to take us to the final five. If not, it will be a snoozefest for the next month.