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Writer's Block: One last question ...

If you could select one person from history and ask them a question to which they had to reply with an honest answer, who would you select, and what would you ask them?

Too many options for me...
  1. I would ask Cleopatra, if she had the chance to do it all over again, in hindsight, would she still have been with Antony or would she have gone for Octavius (of course, in the end Livia would have just offed Octavius a little earlier than planned...and poor, disgruntled Tiberius would have still been Emperor) 
  2. I would ask Elizabeth I if, in hindsight, she would have reconsidered marrying and having children to carry on the Tudor dynasty (since I don't think she'd appreciate the 'virginity' question)
  3. I would ask Henry VIII if he regretted having Anne killed
  4. I would ask Jesus how much was real and how much was planned propaganda (sorry if that offends anyone)
  5. Same question as above (#4) directed to Emperors Caligula and Constantine respectively
  6. I would ask Pericles if it was really Aspasia who, for all intents and purposes, ruled Athens during the Golden Age
  7. I would ask Alexander what he had planned for his empire should he have lived past his 33 years of age
  8. I would CONFIRM with Nero that he he did not start the fire and that the Christians did
  9. I would ask William Shakespeare if he really wrote ALL his plays
  10. I would ask the Man in the Iron Mask who he was
  11. I would ask Raphael if he could confirm his betrothal to Margherita Luti
  12. I would ask Simonetta Vespucci to reveal who her greatest lover was (I should start selling Team Lorenzo vs Team Giuliano t-shirts for this one )
  13. I would ask Leonardo DaVinci to tell me who he would most like to have met in history (I'm guessing he'll say Pythagoras)
  14. I would ask Berenger Sauniere what he discovered in Rennes-le-Chateau, which leads to...
  15. All of the above questions are somewhat important (mostly because I want to meet all these people), but in all honesty the one I'd want answered the most would be directed to Hugues de Payens, the first Grandmaster of the Knights Templar. What exactly did you find under the ruins of Temple Mount? (Perhaps the better question would be to Grandmaster Jacques de Molay - where the heck did the treasure go?)
I shall keep this PG13 and not include the question I would ask of Cesare Borgia.
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Two questions that leap to mind, apart from the one about Catherine the Great. Ahem.

1) I would ask of Antony if he connived at the murder of Caesar.

2) I would ask Tacitus to recite his account of the reign of Caligula for me!
Oh gods...good question but would take me too long to go through for each of my historical peeps...so I'll just go with top five...

1) Plato (there's a million questions I'd ask of him) but for now "Just where the heck was his Atlantis located?"

2)Antinous- What was the true nature of his relationship with Emperor Hadrian?

3)Akhenaten - Would he still have changed Kemet's polytheism over to monotheism to worship the Aten if he'd known what would happen to Tutankhamen later?

4) Same as your question 4.

5) Same as your question 13.
Plato would probably LOL at that and make something good up.

Actually now that I think about it more I would really love to ask JC what he really thinks of 'Christianity'...