Sophia sipping tea

David's Teas - The Spring Collection & Earth Hour

Spring has arrived and they already predicting temperatures in the 20s for the upcoming long weekend. It looks like I can officially retire my winter boots now. The Spring Teas have arrived at David's Teas. I'll be going to check out the new flavours later this week :) Senchamental sounds yummy and of course Pina Colada. I also want to try Cherry Blossom and Barberry Fling. They are selling a special Spring Collection sampler which may be worth the purchase.

This evening my roommate niviene  and I  celebrated Earth Hour by turning off the lights (and most of the electricity) in our condo. It was very calming....until the smoke detector was set off thanks to the abundance of candles. Ooopsies.
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I never liked those candles anyway...the wick makes the flame burn too high. I've been meaning to get some beeswax candles anyway for the candelabra...non toxic and burns longer and better.