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Soccer & Gossip Girl...

I swear there was more excitement off pitch than on this week...

Inter 1 - Roma 2: Let's pretend this game didn't happen. OK I was kind of expecting it since it was in Rome but suffice to say I didn't want Roma to win and I certainly didn't want Luca Toni to score the game winning goal. Argh.

Palermo 3 - Bologna 1: A hattrick for Miccoli gave Palermo the victory. I was more excited watching Cavani sitting in the stands as he served out the first game of his two match ban. Unlike most players who sit out games and spend the entire game in the stands texting on their Blackberries instead of paying any attention to the game whatsoever *cough* Juventus players *cough* at least Cavani watched the game, signed autographs and posed for pics with his fans. Nice guy.

Fiorentina 4 - Udines 1: Didn't get to see the game but it sounded like the Viola dominated this one. I wish they played like that every week. Good to see Vargas back in the lineup and scoring.

Juventus 2 - Atalanta 1: Of course I'm happy Juve won but really they should have slaughtered this team. Nice to see Giovinco playing. Again though I was more excited watching the sidelines and stands for non-playing players including Gigi, Caceres and Iaquinta. Amauri did get to play eventually but Camo was AWOL (absent, with outstanding locks)

Barca 1 - Mallorca 0: Wanted Mallorca to win but I can't be too upset since the lone goal was scored by Ibra.

Real Madrid 3 - Atletico Madrid 2: Gago started and played exceptionally well so that was a bonus. Ramos and Alonso received their yellow cards and will thankfully sit out the next game rather than the Clasico. Higuain scored the game winning goal, as usual. That marks his 23rd goal of the season placing him two goals behind Messi. My personal wish is that Gonzalo scores THE GOL that not only wins the Clasico but also, at the same time, puts him in the lead for the Pichichi. *evil grin*

Aside from watching football, I did get caught up on Gossip Girl  although in truth I wonder why I keep watching this show. It is once again in a 'dumb' phase. *spoiler warning* There is NO WAY Chuck Bass would sign over his hotel to a woman he barely knew. Nor would Blair have let him. Please just eliminate Dan and Vanessa as they are beyond annoying. And please keep Jenny on the right track...'bad girl' Jenny just doesn't cut it.
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I missed the Cavani signing oh well...

Caceres and De Ceglie were adorable on the sidelines! I'm convinced Gigi and Caceres were texting each other on their Crackberries! A Juventus game without Camro's fierce locks is just not the same! Amauri looked hot period! I think he may have spa'd or something.

Oh Gago how I missed him and his hair but he played a great game almost scored what 2-3 times and at least he passes to Higuain unlike CR9. Just imagine how many goals Higuain would have by now if he'd played the ENTIRE season - almost 30 I think. He owns the Pichichi!!!

Agreed on all GG points. The writers must be ignorant about things couples do together besides sex...doesn't bode well for Serina and Nate since that's all they seem to do is have sex....not much of a relationship if ya ask me! The line where Nate says to Serina that he wants her to be able to talk to him about the good and bad parts of the r'ship seemed so out of place in tonight's episode. Poor Chase.
"almost scored what 2-3 times "
If I go by my count I think Gago did score about 3x this weekend *cough*....

Higuain = Pichichi

The writers for Gossip Girl have ZERO consistency when it comes to their characters. Their actions are just so erratic and unbelievable. I realize that the writers want to keep it interesting so whenever the characters' lives get settled or boring they need to throw a wrench in it. OK I get that ,but it doesn't mean the characters need to do complete 180s with their personalities to deal through their issues. For two seasons they have nurtured Chuck to be relatively business savvy and now he up and does this. NOPE...not buying it.