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Champions League - Quarter Finals

Easter weekend has come and gone. The nice weather has vanished and has been replaced by rain for the next few days. That's okay, you know what they say about April showers. 

It's Champions League QF day, specifically the Inter/Moscow and Arsenal/Barca games. As expected, the boys from Milan have won and move on to the Semis (to hopefully win and go on to the Final which they will also win). Let's just hope for divine intervention on the part of Arsenal as I would much prefer to see the Gunners playing Inter in that Semi. 
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For me it's been pretty predictable so far as to who was going to go through. Except for the next round...I really have doubts that United are going to be able to do it. Which means the semis will be fascinating. Why? Because for the first time in what seems like forever, THERE WILL BE NO TEAM FROM THE ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP IN THE LAST FOUR!

Instead we will have one Italian team, one Spanish, one French and one German! This makes the Champions League finally very interesting for me! (Although Man Utd could still win, but I doubt it very much!)

The match-up between Inter (Jose Mourinho) and Barca will be incredibly fascinating. Can Jose achieve another Champions League win? Or will Pep do it again? I guess these guys are arguably the two best managers on the planet...too bad it won't be the final where they'll get to duke it out.

And yet...I must admit to favouring Lyon to take it all. After they beat Real Madrid I want them to at least go to the final. That's just my way of thinking. Like it's some sort of justification for the fact that Real Madrid lost to them.
I don't think Man U will make it either. Of course I will cheer for Inter to win but they will be in tough company against Barca. That should have been the final IMO. I'm looking forward to seeing Ibra and Jose together again. I want the winner of Inter/Barca to face Lyon in the final. If Barca make it through I would love to see Lyon win. If you went back to the beginning of the season I doubt anyone would have expected the French teams to make it this far. It's quite a feat.
I cannot believe I was right in my CL predictions! When I was watching the Man Utd/Bayern game I was so sure MU would win! What happened? *is dazed*

With Bordeaux/Lyon I kind of thought Lyon would do it. Bordeaux had a bad defensive record, whereas Lyon's defense is strong. However, that series was closer than I would have predicted, so anything could have happened there too.

Should I predict the outcome of the semis? OK...I think it will be Barca and Bayern in the finals. It is NOT my wish, though. I wish it could be the opposite. I hope I am wrong, but we'll see. At least I hope that Lyon will manage to beat Bayern.
The Man U game turned out to be a shocker. I really didn't think Bayern would come back from the early deficit but once Man U got the red I knew they were in trouble.

I actually think your predicted outcome for the Final is going to come true as well. And my wish is exactly the opposite as well. Lyon vs Inter would be my ideal final. Let's hope for the best.