Weather, Idol & Champs League

I hate this rain. It keeps giving me headaches. We have had such perfect weather up until this week so I shouldn't complain. Last night it was so bad I went to sleep at 9 and missed the Idol kick off show. I heard Big Mike was the 'lucky loser' - being the lowest vote getter but saved by the Judges. Meh. He should have been kicked off. I liked him but honestly I don't believe he stands a chance in winning. Why not just let him go now? Basically this is down to Crystal and Casey.  I'm only watching to hear the music. Hopefully they'll have some good themes to take us through to the final.

Champions League Semi Finals are set. Inter  (YAY) vs Barca (NAY). Lyon (YAY) vs Bayern (NAY - but not as big a NAY as the Barca NAY). I hope Jose can keep those boys in check and get Inter through to the Finals. Otherwise I doubt I'll be watching it. Europa League Championship is on now. I stopped caring when Juventus were eliminated. Maybe I'll watch the final, if it looks interesting. Otherwise there is a certain game being held this weekend that holds a lot more interest to me...
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Re: I'm glad they saved Mike
After this week's performances I'm kinda leaning towards Katie being on par with Big Mike. However, since he was 'saved' I am expecting a great performance from him next week. My bottom two are currently Andrew and Siobhan but I doubt I'll be so lucky as to see them go next week. I still think Crystal is tops.

It is going to take divine intervention for Inter to beat Barca. I'm hoping for a miracle.
Crystal & Casey...depends on who can win over the votes from the people who leave the show. What scares me is that Tim Urban is still there when he should have gone long ago. One song isn't enough to justify why he's still there but he's got the little girl vote and let's face it...they're the ones who do the voting sadly.