King Arthur - Sword in the Stone (Hope)

Hurry up already...

 I remember back in January all I kept thinking was how I wish March was over. Everything was going to be okay when March was over. That turned out to be true to a point. Now I just wish May and June was over already . This is going to be such a busy events month and a tight-wad $$ month :( I know I'll be going to Ottawa this summer but I just don't know when. Ditto for Stratford. As long as it actually does happen this summer I really can't complain. I miss my statue of Samuel de Champlain at Nepean my limited world travels it seems to be one of the most comforting places I've ever been. Don't know why? Well at least I'm not in Ottawa's freezing there (not that it is much warmer here)
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I think things will be better once we get all this crap out of the they say get rid of the old if you want the new to come in!
Oh gosh, my daughter has just moved to Ottawa with her fiance because of his new job there. I'm sorry it's cold, but can't say it's much better here either! I can't wait for her to send me some's been almost 8 years since I was last there!