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It's the first of May...

My highlight of the day was the Rome Masters Semi Final between Rafael Nadal and Ernests Gulbis. Although Gulbis gave Rafa one of the most challenging matches of his career on clay, after a very exciting 2 hrs and 47 minutes Rafa managed to win it to advance to tomorrow's final against David Ferrer. I do like this Gulbis character. I think I'll monitor his career over the next little while and see how it goes. BTW, he has the same birthday as Andy Roddick, which is one day before mine. Us late August Virgos must stick together. Seems there are a lot of Virgos in tennis. Hmmm, wonder why?

Tomorrow: 9 AM Juventus (and Cagliari and Palermo, but I'll be watching Juve), 10 AM Rome Masters Final, 1 PM Real Madrid, 2:45 Inter = me, couch potato

Enjoy May Day everyone :)
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I saw highlights of the tennis match. It struck me that Rafa looked as if he had come to play, was not about to fool around and would suffer no fools that day! In other words, pretty fierce (but hot)!

Gulbis DOES look interesting...

Interesting that there are so many Virgos in tennis...I share a birthday with Jimmy Connors...September 2nd, so we are early-September Virgos.

*sigh* On May Day last year we were in Italy, driving up the Amalfi coast among a huge horde of vacationers, shopping our brains out and eating authentic Italian pizza in an outdoor cafe. May Day is a real holiday in Italy. Everyone takes the day off and goes out it seems. But it was wonderful and I can't believe it was a whole year ago that we were there.

Italy was wonderful in the spring. *sigh* I'd like to try it again in late summer sometime. :)