What I did this weekend

Weekend Twitter:

~ Real Madrid: win - Higuain scoring? NO COMMENT; Gago starting? why yes, it seems to be a regular feature now
~ Juventus: tie (err, well, it's Juve so I guess I'll settle for the tie) - Amauri scoring? never mind
~ Palermo: win - Cavani scoring? yes sir...go team Uruguay
~ Inter: win - Jose being hot? always
~ Fiorentina: fail - Vargas scoring? he got a haircut, that counts
~ Rafa: win, and done, in epic fashion I might add


~ Spring cleaning: I cleaned the toilet, that counts
~ Market shopping: done, as usual
~ Workout: yoga + kickboxing, God I'm good :)
~ Reading: err, ummm, but there is no Tyrion or Jon Snow in Book 4 (fail)
~ TV: Deadliest Warrior - no way Attila the Hun would beat Alexander the Great, just saying
~ Movies: no time for movies
~ Melissa's Hair (aka Lady Croft hair salon): looked great, she really should pay me

Yes, that sums up my boring life to a T.
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