Yes I'm Updating my Journal

Since it's 5:30 AM in the morning and I can't get back to sleep, and since I've been repeatedly chastised for not updating my journal this seems as good a time as ever to post.

First - let's start with why I haven't updated my journal. In the past I updated my journal regularly at work since basically I have zero time at home to update. There is no such luxury as wireless internet for me so I only have limited computer access at home during the hours of 6 PM to 10 PM during which time I am usually working out, making and eating dinner, cleaning up after dinner and watching TV. By 10 PM I am already falling asleep. I have a two hour commute each day and my work load from 4 years ago to now has more than quadrupled during my busy season which runs from July to December. I have extremely limited time at work for any personal activity. When I do have a moment of free time it is a heck of a lot easier to Twitter in 140 characters or less than take the time necessary to compose a decent post worth of my Livejournal. I trust that should be sufficient to explain why the lack of posts.

Second - here's basically everything you need to know about my life in the past few months - of note, nothing has really changed (It never does):
  • Life: had relatively successful laser eye surgery to correct my vision. May need to tweak one of the eyes though since my distance vision isn't 100%
  • TV: still watching The Big Bang Theory, The Tudors, Merlin and new fav Hawaii Five-O. I eagerly await the forthcoming series on The Borgias and HBO's A Game of Thrones.
  • Movies: nope, haven't gone to a theatre in ages
  • Plays: saw Rock of Ages, didn't go to the Stratford Festival, plan to see Wicked (again) and Priscilla Queen of the Desert but until I actually have tickets I'm not holding my breath
  • Events/Travel: didn't go to the zoo, didn't see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Centre, didn't go anywhere at all...period
  • Tennis: Rafa won the French Open, Wimbledon and FINALLY the US Open. I really haven't watched much tennis other than the Slams this year. Oh and yes, you guessed it, I didn't go to see them play in Toronto.
  • Soccer: Uruguay should have won the World Cup. They were my underdog dream team. Still happy that Spain won as they legitimately deserved it. In league play, aside from J-Mo running Real Madrid, I'm not that excited by the team these days. I honestly just watch to see Jose on the sidelines as he is way more entertaining. Ditto for Juventus - dull, dull, dull. Amauri has been injured more than he has played and it seems like most of the players I enjoy are no longer on the team. I can't say as I like any of the new Juve acquisitions. Current fav teams are Lazio, Napoli and Palermo and my trinity of favourite players Muslera, Cavani and Pastore.
  • Work: horrid, I love the place I work at and the people I work with but my job itself is absolutely horrendous - completely physically and emotionally draining. BFF at work is pregnant. Her intent is to go on mat leave and then look for a new job. If she leaves I will become more of a recluse at work than I already am. Still the benefits are so good - casual atmosphere, come and go as you please, and 6 weeks vacation (although  I haven't actually taken a real vacation since 2002 so the six weeks are actually depressing because I just wind up being off from work without anything to do)
  • Education: If I don't have time to post in LJ do you think I have any time to devote to a university course?
  • Finances: I have been out of debt for over a year and yet I really haven't accumulated any significant savings. Something always comes up. There is hope though as I have projected the next four paycheques as critical. All the major items that I need to purchase that have been on my wish list for several years now are going to be checked off. By December I should be able to really start seeing substantial savings.
  • Physical: I'm not working out enough...mostly because I am too exhausted to work out when I do get home. I try to maintain a consistent yoga schedule but the abs and kickboxing workouts still aren't as regular as I'd like. I want to start treadmill again.
  • Hair: needs a cut - but I still am debating...bangs or no bangs?

OK that should cover just about everything. I will try to update again in the not too distant future although I doubt it will be anything profound and will more than likely be an elaboration on one of the above items.
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I was sadly wondering what had happened to you! :)

- good for laser eye surgery - my sister has just had success with it as well.
- I find no time for TV shows but tend to watch them on DVD which I can control by pausing or re-watching. Currently watching Fringe: Season 2. The Tudors is a must-see and I am interested in Merlin.
- I was planning on buying a family pass to the AGO. Looks like fun.
- have been to a couple of interesting soccer matches: the CONCACAF Champions League game between TFC and Cruz Azul of Mexico, and the Canada vs Peru friendly which allowed us to take in the CNE beforehand.
- am planning a trip to the Basque Country the 1st 2 weeks of December - going to Bilbao and San Sebastian.
- as for soccer in general, we seem to like a lot of the same teams. I feel exactly as you do about Real Madrid and Juve, and my taste in Italian teams is the same as yours!
- I love my work and my boss but my coworkers are bringing me down lately, all except for one. I have nothing in common with these people and find their silliness extremely irritating. I have to try to overcome my annoyances with them or it will be very difficult to go in every day. I have bought some earplugs...

Anyway, it was great to read this post! I do hope you will have a chance to do it again. :)*HUGS*
Thanks for checking up on me. That was a such a rant post. My life has been so, for the lack of a better word, 'tedious', over the past few months. I really really believe it is starting to be on the positive again though. Definitely 2011 is going to be a better year than the past few have been and 2012 will be amazing. I have a sixth sense about this stuff.

I wanted to go to the Peru game this past Sept to see Vargas play but was too busy. I bet the game was fun. It is rather interesting how we do have the same taste in football teams. I still do like Real Madrid but my taste in the Serie A is definitely changing. I still have yet to follow any EPL teams though. My fav team to watch these days though is the Uruguay national team. 11 goals in two games. They are on such a roll since World Cup.

I would like the option to watch tv shows on dvd but I am holding out till I purchase a Blu Ray player - one of the many items on my years old checklist that is soon to be checked off :) Merlin is adorable. You should watch it. I do watch Fringe as well but find that it has not been as exciting since that first season.

I will make an effort to look over your posts over the next couple of days to catch up on what's been going on in your life. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your trip in December. It should be lovely there at that time of year:)
I know how sometimes real life can make you not even feel like posting anything, let alone something that takes time and effort. It can get quite depressing. :(

I sure hope 2011 and 2012 will be better for you. Getting out of debt is such an important thing that must be a real lift for you. :)

I agree that the Uruguayans have been magnificent. I admired them so much I bought one of their jerseys. And I think they are improving since the World Cup. They have such a great group of talented players.

I'm looking forward to winter in a way so that I can catch up on television shows. But I do have the trip to Spain coming up. I had the chance to go there with a couple of friends so decided to grab the opportunity when I could. Even though it is somewhat last-minute I am really looking forward to it. :)
Watched virtually all three series we have so far of the Tudors in about two days, loved it despite some of the dire acting by irish chancers, and the blatant pro catholic agenda (well, it is an irish / canadian co prod).

Merlin series 3 here just isn't working out for me - the story isn't really going anywhere aside from Morgana's arc and that isn't exactly going anywhere fast.
The Tudors has been great this final season. I realize there are tons of historical inaccuracies but overall it has been much better than last season. I wish they would have just continued the series to show the history after Henry's death: Edward, Jane Grey, and the back and forth struggles between Bloody Mary and Elizabeth...

As for Merlin, we are only on the second season here. I keep waiting for them to do something with Morgana's character as she is virtually non-existent so far this season (we are about 5 episodes in). I guess I'll have to wait until season three comes out here.
The ever rotating cast was a problem for me on tudors, the support cast were different every series apart from Suffolk! And those pointless roles for Peter O'Toole and Max Von Sydow. And then the awful guy with the eye patch. Joss Stone surprised me though, her accent was no worse than anyone else in the show.

My favourite was the Pilgrimage of Grace guy who sported a proposterous yorkshire accent and got a red hot poker up his arse for his troubles.

I think Katie McGrath was filming a movie, hence no Morgana for large chunks of series 2. Until the last couple of episodes. Look out for Emilia Fox...