My new eReader

I just purchased this...

It's pretty...I am now charging it and will commence reading soon after.

BTW, great game by Real Madrid today. Every single player played well. And Jose looked fantastic on the sidelines. Tomorrow - Lazio :)
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Gosh, that's lovely. I've been looking at the Kindle on Amazon. I'm not sure what to buy.

It was a good day so far for football! Real Madrid are looking very, very good now. I never should have doubted Jose, perhaps. :)

I actually wanted both the Kindle as well as the one I just purchased. The bonus feature for me for the Kindle is that it allows for annotation which means you can highlight and make note of your favourite quotes in books. However I prefer the look of the Kobo one. If you just want to read, the Kobo one should be fine and it is cheaper.

J-Mo is AMAZING. Most of the time I find watching him on the sidelines can be far more entertaining than the game itself.
Oh, thank you so much for the information on the Kobo. That might work for me, and I was going to get the Kindle for my sister, who is legally blind. She has some vision but an e-book that can read to her as well as adjustable to larger print might be what she needs.

Yes! True about Jose. I used to think the same thing while watching him coaching Chelsea. Their games tended to be very boring, but Jose was always fun to watch (and to listen to.) XD
Price of these things are dropping all the time, Samsung have one coming out here where the price dips below 100 quid. Can you get many free books on them? And how do they work, do you download stuff through wi-fi connections?
I received 100 free pre-loaded classic books on mine. You can download other books either via wifi or through desktop connection. I had no problems syncing up and downloading more books from their website. It took me about three minutes to order and download the new books. It's great for people who read epics. I hate carrying around 800-1000 page books.