Sales & Snessi

Thank you Pure + Simple. Because of your 10 day, 10 Year Anniversary sale I will be completely broke (but in a good way).

Tonight is the Season Finale for Jersey Shore. Yes, I watch that show...sad but true. The show does have a good side - it makes my own life seem so much more fulfilling...that is, until I realize these idiots get paid millions of dollars of year to do whatever it is they actually do. Oh boy, can't wait for Season Three. Rumours abound they will wind up going to Italy to film for Season Four should there be a Season Four. Can I request now that they attend a football match at some point?! I'm still working on setting up Snooki & Messi (she is the right height for him after all)...we can call them Snessi. 

BTW, I'm thinking of changing my mood theme to animated Big Bang Theory or animated Merlin. Any preferences?
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Animated TBBT or Merlin hmmm tough call. Prolly more range with BBT. I think I want the BBT one...

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