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Happy Friday

Happy Friday. For me it is a long weekend and I am so going to enjoy it. I have booked a facial at Pure + Simple this afternoon. After that nothing major is planned, just a lot of R & R and soccer watching, as usual.

Woohoo!! I just noticed the Rick Riordan novels are now available on Kobo. Guess what my next purchase will be?

For niviene , as promised...

(taken from fuckyeahceleste  which is pretty much one of my fav sites these days)

P.S. you are so lucky I didn't post the J-Mo gifs....
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Ya *wistful sigh* Can't argue with that....thank the gods for long hair on Caceras since Sergio cut his the rat bastard (even if he does look cute with short hair).

Post the J-Mo gifs...cuz now I'm curious!