Weekend Stuff

A decent weekend for my football teams. Read Madrid trashed  Racing which was rather enjoyable (sorry Racing fans). I can't say as I was too pleased with the sweater-vest though, J-Mo. Please go back to the scarves for next weekend. Fav Jose snippet of the weekend:
"If last year's situation (at Alcorcon) repeats itself, I will cross those who play off my list because they will be dead to me",

Loved the drama in Rome. The Lazio eagle pre-match ceremony went completely awry. Instead of the usual bird of prey show, the eagle decided to perch himself atop the stadium and remain there for the duration of the game. Well I don't know about you but even someone with limited augury skills should be able to easily interpret that omen. Here we have Lazio, atop of the Serie A standings, with no intention whatsoever of coming back down any time soon. Jupiter has willed it. So let it be done.

Palermo you just want to hurt me. It took you a man advantage to actually get a goal this week. Where is your consistency. And don't even get me started on Juve. One it too much to ask from you...just one goal???!! Tsk tsk. I maintain that Napoli could have and should have come out of the Milan match with a draw. Shame :(

Merlin this weekend was a little too light on the Arthur/Merlin slashy-moments. Next weekend holds some promise as Morgause FINALLY shows up. Yes, us poor Canadians are a season behind. Tonight: Gossip Girl (not really caring too much about that show these days) and Hawaii Five-O. Tomorrow, back to work...meh.

Now off to my cajun catfish dinner and find out who our next mayor will be. Ciao
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I liked the sweater vests...I love when people say "you are dead to me" it makes me laugh to no end!!!

The way I see it...if someone wanted that eagle down bad enough they could have waved a piece of meat either from those Italian meatball sandwiches they must serve there or a piece of pepperoni off a slice of pizza and that bird would've swooped down pronto! Mind you the person could have lost a finger but I figure some crazy Lazio fan would have said the sacrifice was worth it...

Ah I love this show. But srsly can we have the "going in for the hug" moment in every show? Ya I suppose we could...someone tell the writers asap!