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Update re: eReader

I'm enjoying me eReader. Since it came pre-loaded with a whole bunch of classics I really haven't bothered with or needed to purchase any new books as yet. I hear that Kobo and Chapters/Indigo are working together so that in the not-too-distant future Kobo will accept Chapters/Indigo gift cards. This plan is supposed to materialize within the next few weeks so I'm holding out till then as I do not want to purchase a VISA gift card if at all possible.It will be so much easier to just pay via gift cards. n

In the meantime, I have read (and, in some cases, reread) Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and Peter Pan. I am currently (re)reading Dracula with occasional flip flopping between Bulfinch's Mythology and Aesop's Fables. After Dracula next up is Frankenstein (it's a Halloween them) which I have never read before. I want to see how much it really does correspond to Prometheus...I personally don't see too much of a connection but every classics prof I know INSISTS there is a correlation. quidquid

Maybe it's just a one day thing but I daresay it may actually be slowing down at work a little *crosses fingers*. I have hit that magical pay 'max' where I have cleared CPP and EI so I no longer have to pay them for the rest of the year. That gives me an extra $125/pay till January...woohoo!! Now that my condo has converted over from air conditioning to heating, given the air quality during this transition period, my first purchase with the extra $$ will be an air purifier. That will happen on Friday...on my day off.
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