Travel Expo

Back from the travel's like Christmas here now for me. I am surrounded by stacks of travel brochures. I picked up so many brochures my tote bag started tearing. Worth it though as I am now the proud owner of all the new 2010-11 brochures from Trafalgar, Insight and Globus. Intrepid and G.A.P. haven't released their 2010-11 brochures yet :( Received some nice info on Japan from their tourist bureau. That country looks so beautiful. I want to go there for the Cherry Blossom festival in the spring. Also had a nice discussion with one of the Flight Centre reps re: Disney World Animal Kingdom. Apparently if (when) I go, I MUST stay in a Savannah room to get a view of the animals. Don't laugh, it is cheaper, faster and less painful than going all the way to Africa (for now).

The remainder of my day will now be spent watching the Real Madrid game perusing and dreaming of a perfect time when I may  actually get to embark on one of these trips.

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I was telling Val today how you went (some how we got into a conversation on Contiki which was how I happened to mention it) and she was so disappointed that she missed it because she wanted to go...
Flight Centre held the same Expo last year at the same time. I think it has become an annual event. If she is planning a sunshine destination vacation for the winter she definitely should go next year because they offer tons of discounts. Flight Centre hands you a $50 off voucher to use that day if you are booking any vacation and they have tons of their own Flight Centre personnel there to help you make arrangements plus door prizes every hour. It's also a great place to get info because there really is no pressure to actually purchase anything at the time.