Happy Feet

Lazio still on top...

Let's just take a quick look at those Serie A standings ...

2010/2011 Italian Serie A
AC Milan9522617

Oh hey...who is that at the top...AGAIN...and 4 points clear of Inter now...(sorry I have to milk this for as long as I can). That said, I wanted to throttle Pastore this weekend for almost running down Muslera. That was quite an intense game, well at least the last 15 mins. I wish Palermo didn't lose but I also am so happy that Lazio pulled off a road victory. I hate it when teams I like play against each other. I always want a draw but a draw doesn't help either side in the end.

Note to self: I REALLY need a Muslera icon...and while I'm at it, a Pastore one and a Cavani one...hmm, new project...
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You can have this Pastore icon if you like, and I think I have a Muslera one around somewhere...but I'll have to look through my files for it. :)