Hahahahahaha...Champions League

I'm not sure who gives me more laughs these days, Milan or Roma.....hahahahaha.

Seriously though Real Madrid should have won that game but I'm fine with the draw. Missed the bonehead non-offside call (aka Milan goal) as I was too busy watching Real Madrid, trying to figure out what the heck they were attempting do on that play. I still haven't quite figured it out. Nonetheless, the one and only team that I like in the UEFA Champions League this season is successfully through to the next round and Jose Mourinho still has yet to lose a game as the coach of Real Madrid.
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It definitely was the second-most entertaining match of the Champions League this past week...the MOST entertaining was the Tottenham-Inter Milan game, of course! In my opinion, anyway.

Hooray for Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho! May their success continue. I will be very nervous until the quarter-finals, until I can see them break their bad luck of the past few years.
I never expected them to make it that far in previous years so it wasn't that devastating. This year, I think in part because of Jose, I will be disappointed if they don't make it at least the QFs.
I forgot to mention that is such a cute icon of Fernando. I miss him so much and hope he returns soon.
I do hope Fer can get back on this Madrid team. One thing about Jose is that he does seem to give his players a chance. :)