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Top 10 Regions for 2011

I had so many comments about the 'must-see' travel list I thought I'd post another interesting travel list that came through my RSS feed this morning. Lonely Planet's Top 10 Regions for 2011..."The lists are out and the crowns have been placed on the heads of our favourite upcoming cities, countries and regions. So, where will you be heading in 2011? Check out these regional recommendations..."

1. Sinai, Egypt
2. Istria, Croatia
3. Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
4. Cappadocia, Turkey
5. Westfjords, Iceland
6. Shetland Islands, Scotland
7. Great Barrier Reef & Whitsunday Islands, Australia
8. West Coast, USA
9. Chilean Patagonia
10. Gili Islands, Indonesia

Well, I don't know about you but not one of those destinations would crack my 2011 agenda as there are a few other priority sites I'd like to visit first. However, I have no objection to visiting these places in the future. Originally when I scanned the list #2 and #10 were questionable but given that Istria is allegedly a toned down version of Tuscany and the Gili Islands are being labelled 'the new Ibiza' I can't complain. For more info on the top 10 here is a link to the full article .
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Hmmmm...interesting choices. :/

Out of this list there is only one place I've been and that is the West Coast, USA. I must say that it is wonderful to drive along the coast through Oregon and Northern California.

I'd love to visit three of these places, though:

4. Cappadocia, Turkey (well, Turkey in general)
6. Shetland Islands, Scotland
9. Chilean Patagonia (I actually bought a travel guide for Chile because I had seriously intended to go there a couple of years ago).

Thanks for this post! :)
Yes, I've only been to West Coast USA (California to be specific) on this list.

Apparently the Sinai may come a bit sooner than anticipated...hopefully within the next two years :)
well i personally have been dreaming of going to like half of these places for ages... and what sites would you like to visit first?
On this list the site I'd visit first would be Sinai Egypt (I want to climb Mt. Sinai), then probably Chilean Patagonia as part of a Southern South American/Antarctic cruise, maybe the Great Barrier Reef/Whitsunday Islands would be my third choice and after that I'd go for Turkey, Iceland and Scotland. Honestly it changes daily! LOL. I just want to go somewhere...anywhere...right about now :)

Thanks for your comment and where would you like to visit first?
hmm i don't really know which comes first, but that would definitely be either Chilean Patagonia or Sinai (as part of my to-be journey to Egypt) because yes, i would love to climb Mount Sinai too.
i generally adore mountains, so my list is pretty much like your - Cappadokia, Iceland, Scotland...
but oh, most of all (about quite as much as Chile) i would love to go to the Pacific Coast! Califoornia+Oregon+Washington is my long-time dream :)

oh, i'm longing to go anywhere now too! i guess that's all because i've been travelling too much this summer and got addicted :D