The weekend is over...

Interesting weekend...the first half was spent at meetings for work. Needless to say, it sucked, but not as bad as usual. The hotel was freezing and I now have an air conditioning cold because of it

Second half of weekend was all about soccer, as usual. I woke up at 6:15 AM yes, that's right, 6:15 AM on Sunday to watch the Lazio vs Napoli match. The results ended up with Muslera>Cavani but neither one of them was that spectacular this weekend. Nonetheless I was happy to see Lazio halt their mini-slump to remain #2 in the Serie A standings. Even with that loss Napoli are still third and Cavani is still tied for the league lead in goal-scoring. However, the big news of the weekend was Javier Pastore's first career hat trick leading Palermo to a 3-1 victory over Catania. At this rate he will be catching up with the likes of Cavani and Eto'o in the not-too-distant future. What is even more amazing is that Pastore was recently injured and still not 100% o_O. Juve drew and truthfully there was nothing exciting there except watching Amauri in HD which is, for me, borderline pornographic.

Over in Spain, J-Mo was serving the first of a two game touchline ban. His absence from the sidelines made a difference as the team is just not the same without him. Especially THIS game and those dreadful Sporting Gijon players (not to mention their coach...ugh...he should be fined for his extremely unprofessional comments). Real Madrid squeeked out the victory but were hard pressed during the entire game. Naturally the winning goal was scored by Higuain. Highlight for those who missed the game was Sergio short-gate. The Ramos was, for some unbeknownst reason, wearing Pepe's shorts. Yes, feel free to use your imagination as to why that occurred. I guess he is just being Sergio LOL. In case you haven't seen the GIFs that are floating around the internet, here is a highlight of the thigh action for those who care...

BTW, I have already booked a vacation day from work for Monday, November 29 as El Clasico has now been scheduled for that date. Grrrr, the Clasico on a Monday just seems wrong.
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I can't stop staring...dang why did I fall asleep during the game?!?!