Juliet - I need a stiff drink

Working from Home

Half-heartedly Working from home today. I need to get my meeting minutes finished. I've completed one of the two sets of meeting minutes. Hopefully the second set will be just as easy as the first *is doubtful* My computer budget was approved so in addition to a new state of the art desktop I will be getting a netbook within the next week or so. That should help alleviate all this stress about composing the meeting minutes after the meeting. Ergh, I hate doing this stuff.

My throat is still store...it's been four days now. Hopefully it will be better by tomorrow but for now I'm surviving on Oil of Oregano and ginger/apple/carrot juice.

FYI - something is wrong with the world as I now have more FERNANDO Muslera icons than FERNANDO Gago icons. *shakes head* Get better soon...Jose Mourinho NEEDS you (err, well, maybe the other way around...LOL).
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yay netbook...will be boring for class you know it!

for shame about the Gago icons...poor Fernando!
It would help if Mr. Gago was actually playing so there would be more current pics of him. Hopefully soon. After J-Mo's recent comment I expect to see a lot more of Gago in the new year.
Good for your computer budget being approved. I'm sure that will make things a lot easier.

It's horrible being sick when your workload is busy. Thankfully I have recovered from my virus but I still stubbornly refuse to get a flu shot.

Oh dear...I find my Gago icons have reduced to one. :(

I have NO Muslera icons but must make some. I think I had a couple during the World Cup but since got rid of them. :/
I NEVER get the flu shot. I'm convinced it is actually bad for you. Thankfully I am over the sore throat now and that is all it turned out to be. I'm convinced it was from that darned hotel being so cold.

I anticipate that both you and I will be replenishing our Gago icon count in the not too distant future when he starts playing again regularly. Jose mentioned he has plans for Gago for the new year and I'm expecting to see a lot more of him then :)
Nice your getting some work benefits/treats....hope you feel better.