Tickets & Christmas Break

Woohoo!! I picked up third row centre tickets to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, on Boxing Day evening. That will give me something to do during the holiday hiatus. Add those tickets to the ones I already have for Rock of Ages in early December. I'll be seeing Rock of Ages for the second time. Of course, this is all just prep for the big Stratford Festival season featuring my favourite musical...I won't even bother to say the name, you should know what it is by now. And you know I'll be in Stratford at least two times next summer for that one.

Speaking of the holiday break, I was advised that the office Christmas work hours will be early closing on Thursday, December 23 with the return date being Monday, January 3. Technically that Monday is the New Year's day holiday but since we have the entire week off before it, the holiday gets covered off. I kind of like the idea of going in on the holiday Monday. It will be super quiet in the office and it is more than likely we will all just leave early. No problem from me and I still get a week and a day off :) There definitely are some perks to my job...even if transfer season is HELL.
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I'm so excited to see Priscilla on stage!

Rock of Ages lol you're going to finally get to see the people I work with *shudder* well except Candy whom you know. Crappy temp assistant will not be there but old assistant will be!

JCSS JCSS JCSS JCSS JCSS woo hoo woo hoo and mini vaca to Stratford too boot!

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BTW, I just found out that Lazio plays Inter on the same day that we go to Rock of Ages....I may be leaving work early as a result