Tudors, Borgias & Glee...

What’s with The Tudors? Last week they ended it with Henry collapsing and I thought that was it, season/series over. Nope…back last night with a somewhat dull episode. I’m kind of looking forward to the ending…just bring on The Borgias already. OMG I can’t wait. Renaissance Italy > Tudor England. I know that The Borgias will be about as historically accurate as The Tudors was (in other words, NOT AT ALL) but imagine all the fun they will have with the cameos….Lorenzo di Medici, Machiavelli, Savonarola, Leonardo da Vinci (I can already see him rolling his eyes whenever Chez mentions his new plan…LOL), young Raphael, Caterina Sforza, maybe Simonetta Vespucci,  Columbus discovering the ‘new world’…Oh geez, can’t the show just start already??? And don’t even get me started on A Game of Thrones on HBO. Spring just cannot arrive soon enough.

I could mostly give or take Glee this season but last night it was great thanks in part to Gwyneth Paltrow being on. I know a lot of people just can’t stand her but she is one of the few celebrities I really do like. The songs/performances were better than usual and of course I loved all the Singin’ in the Rain references and homages. It is one of my all time favourite movies. More Kurt and more Brittany & Santana would have been nice though.

I believe today was the very last of my busy days. I had to prep for the Semi Annual meeting which kept me too busy to even watch the Argentina/Brazil game. I heard Messi scored the only goal – meh. Somehow I don’t think I missed that much. I heard Sergio scored an own goal in the Spain Portugal debacle. Glad I missed that one too. Sounds pretty scary.

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I heard Sergio scored an own goal in the Spain Portugal debacle.

Somehow I don't think he's going to live that one down lol!
I can't wait for The Borgias as well... Even though I don't have Showtime anymore (that's what the internet is for?). What do you think of the cast so far?
Nice to hear from you!! You must be as excited about this series as I am :)

There are a lot of big names - Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo, Derek Jacobi as Orsini, Colm Feore as Della Rovere who I expect will be brilliant in their parts. There are a couple of actors/actresses I've seen have bit parts in other mini-series or tv series that I'm willing to assume will do a good job - David Oakes as Juan Borgia - I didn't like him in Pillars of the Earth and now I guess I won't like him The Borgias either LOL; Ronan Vibert as Giovanni Sforza - he was okay in HBO's Rome but didn't have a big part so I'll see how he does here. I always found Micheletto to be an interesting character but I'm not familiar with the actor who will be portraying him and I'm not sure how much focus the series will give Micheletto so I'll wait and see with him as well. The main and most important characters for me though are Lucrezia and Cesare. Both Holliday Grainger and Francois Arnaud are new to me. I prefer actors I have never seen before to play these roles. It gives them a blank canvas to work with. From the few pics of seen of Francois he seems physically adept to play Chez. I also love the fact that he is Canadian. Makes me so proud. I just read an article about the series though and I'm a bit worried that Chez is going to be relegated to the background with the focus being on Juan for the first little while. I hope I'm wrong.

BTW, not that I'm an actress but what I wouldn't give to be Caterina Sforza in this series should it progress that far. To be truthful I'd be happy just being an extra...perhaps Courtesan #2?

Have you heard anything about when the series will start airing?
Yeah, sadly, I am only most familiar with Jeremy Irons (and therefore look forward to his role so much), and I am with you that the ones cast for Lucrezia and Cesare are totally unknown... What article did you read in regards to Juan being focus?

Haha, playing such a role would be your dream come true, huh? I heard they are filming all the way in Hungary, which kind of puzzles me, but as for when the series will start, I recall reading January 2011 back when it was first being promoted, but I believe it was pushed back to spring or summer... I also recall reading something about the filming of the 'first season' pretty much being over.

Lastly-- http://i56.tinypic.com/2r7liit.jpg
Amen to that pic...can't wait.

The article I read was in The Toronto Star on Saturday and it didn't say it was 'focusing' on Juan but the author was describing the filming that was going on the day he was on set which featured Juan leading the army into battle. I just wish they could fast forward to when Cesare is the one leading the army. Either way, as long as Cesare is around he will steal the scenes for me.

A lot of shows/movies are filming in Hungary now as I believe they are receiving huge tax breaks for filming there. About 5 years ago it used to be the Czech Republic, now it's Hungary.

In that Toronto Star article, they mentioned the series would start in the spring but I'm not convinced until I see a firm date somewhere. All I'm seeing is 'coming in 2011'. I fear that it will air first in the States and months later in Canada like The Tudors does.
I actually watched because Gwyneth Paltrow was on it...I don't really care for Glee's story lines but when good people guest star I watch...last time was when Britney was on that I tuned in...
oooh I didn´t know there was a show like that coming!!!! I need to look for anything related to it. thanks for the tip!
i kind of like the last season of the tudors, except when jrm talks weird trying to sound old
LOL...I can't stand JRM's 'old' voice. He sounds ridiculous. Last episode was the only one in the fourth/final season that I haven't liked that much. To be truthful I honestly think this season has been the best of the four. I do want it to come to a nice conclusion and I hope I am not disappointed.

I'm so looking forward to The Borgias. I was waiting for a series about them for over a decade now...I'm surprised HBO didn't pick it up 'cause if it is even remotely based on the true history of The Borgias it will be a cross between their former shows The Sopranos and Rome. I believe a lot of the production crew who worked on The Tudors are now working on The Borgias so I imagine it will be similar in style to The Tudors. I'm certain it will be amazing. I just hope it is successful enough to carry over four seasons like The Tudors. There is a lot of decadent history to cover and I want to see it all...LOL