Another simple weekend...

Other than football, not really too much happened this weekend....just the usual grocery shopping and reading - currently War of the Worlds. Funny but that book isn't nearly as great as I recall it being. I also gave the bathroom a good cleaning...ugh. Now my nose is stuffed up and I fear I have come down with some form of a cold.

I took solace in watching Rick Steeves' Best of Scandinavia marathon followed by the American Music Awards. The AMAs were not nearly as good as in previous years. Usher was the best performer with some decent performances by Christina Aguilera, Kid Rock, Bon Jovi, Santana and Katy Perry. I expected more from NKOTB & BSB but they were somewhat dull. Far too many awards to the toddler from Stratford IMO. I guess that is what happens when you open up the voting to teens. LOL
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All the hot guys are in Scandinavia!!! I'm living in the wrong country lol
Agree - you need to go Scandinavia and find yourself a tall, blond viking/surfer boy.

Note: yes, I did just write viking/surfer...you know what I mean...LOL
tall blond viking surfer...now there's a visual...I'll get back to you...eventually *ponders*

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