Why am I here?

I probably shouldn't be at work right now. I have tons of sick days that I haven't taken and I really should have just stayed home today. My nose is so stuffed up right now. I had to come in today for two reasons: (1) my new computer and netbook arrive today and (b) after work I go to the bedrock spa which helps to boost my immune system. Oh least I can get a lot of work done and legit call in sick tomorrow when the Champions League is on *cough* *cough* And speaking of CL , Real Madrid will play Ajax minus Gonzalo Higuain who is experiencing lower back pain (aka resting up so he can be 100% for El Clasico). 
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At least you got to stay home today....and you should tomorrow too even though I know you're going to go in!
Feeling a bit better now...I'm about 70% now. I hope you aren't getting it although I fear the worst :(
Hope you get better soon and staying hope will do that.....
Thanks, I'm back at work today and feeling a bit better but still not 100%. I think niviene is coming down with it now :(