Oh Real Madrid...LOL, and a fond farewell...

For those of you who missed the Real Madrid/Ajax Champions League game, the talk of the match wasn't Real's 4-0 victory but the two red cards dished out in the final moments of the game. Were they legit bookings or were they a clever preconceived tactic to provide two key players with clean slates to go into the knockout rounds of the tournament? Well UEFA will be investigating.

Uefa will investigate Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho after two of his players were sent off against Ajax.

Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso were both shown red cards for highly-suspicious time-wasting in the closing stages of Tuesday night’s 4-0 win in Amsterdam, subsequently ruling the Spanish duo out of the final group match against Auxerre in two weeks time.

The pair were already on a booking and would have risked a potentially costly suspension later on in the tournament if they’d picked up a yellow card in the final group match.

With Real Madrid safely into the knockout rounds, though, Ramos and Alonso will both be available again for the last 16.

However, Mourinho insisted that no plot had been preconceived prior to the match: "The sendings-off came after an easy game where the referee has shown some strange yellows. They are cards that I don't like."
The former Inter Milan and Chelsea coach was also seen in conversation with both players, but remained adamant his words had nothing to do with the dismissals.

"I spoke with many players throughout the game, not only with Ramos and Alonso," he added. "Stories sell, but the important thing is the 4-0 win and the fantastic game we had. Let's talk about that and not other things."

For what it is worth, methinks it was intentionla...and rather brilliant. If they get away with it, I'm certain you'll see more teams attempt  it in the future. My guess is UEFA won't do anything right now but will try to tidy up their rulebook for next season to avoid  'deliberate' bookings.

In other news, tonight Canadians bid a sad farewell to The Tudors. I expected as much from the ending - Henry being more snarky than ever, cameos from the queens, the death of Charles Brandon, the succession....I will miss the show but will enjoy the dvds for years to come..
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