Me - colds and haircuts

Happy Thanksgiving to my southern neighbours...enjoy your turkey, your shopping and your Santa Claus parades :)

I'm back to about 80% today. Hopefully my cold will be completely gone tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. Unfortunately, niviene  has just hit the peak stages of her cold and that will put a bit of a damper on our plans for tomorrow. Shopping trip with amdisa  has been postponed. Ah well, c'est la vie. I hope she gets better quickly.

Got my hair cut last night. You can't tell though as it was more of a trim....a desperately need trim. There really isn't much to do with my hair except trim it since it is dead straight and wonderfully fine. I keep thinking about having bangs again as I think I look better with them. They just require more work to style. For now, I'm stuck with my plain old hair. Maybe in the spring I'll opt for the bangs.

eReader update: currently reading - The Island of Dr. Moreau....CREEEEEPY!!
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I think your hair is beautiful but you know can wear it like Kenzi on Lost Girl...with bangs and straight....sadly my hair will never do that.

Yes...cold has reared it's ugly head :(

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