God lets a crap team win


MEH!! So busy at work these past two days that I barely have time to go on LJ. I hate that seeing as I can't really use the home computer either. I need a mobile internet stick for my netbook. That would solve so many problems...Anyhow, catch up post ahead...

For the most part the weekend wasn't very pleasant. I was still getting over my cold which still isn't completely finished. I did manage to get out for a while. niviene  and I attend the Whole Life Expo which turned out to be pretty dull - it was exactly the same as last year. The only thing I purchased was some sale  products from Pure + Simple.  Oh, I did also get to try some pumpkin rice pudding which was yummy. They do have some interesting nutritional supplements and foods at this event but I'm certain if I just visited the Carrot Common more often I would find the same products.

I also visited HMV and picked up some new cds (Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Usher, Kid Rock). Other than that, still no new boots for me. Nothing seems to satisfy me. I guess I am just being picky.

Soccer this weekend was just atrocious all round. Of my teams, only Palermo managed a victory. Napoli lost. Juventus and Lazio both drew in their respective games - and both should have easily won those games. As for Real Madrid, well I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the results of El Clasico by now...aka, the horror, the horror. I am not going to panic though. The season is not over and anything can happen. I expect the gameplan for April's return match at the Bernabeu will be quite different. I think I'll refrain from any further comments and leave it to an expert - Jose Mourinho post match presser.

To add to the Real Madrid woes comes the results of the UEFA disciplinary hearing as a follow up to the Ajax match. José Mourinho has been suspended from coaching activities for two UEFA club competition matches, of which the second is deferred for a probationary period of three years. He was also fined €40,000. Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos were fined €20,000, Iker Casillas was fined €10,000 and Jerzy Dudek was fined €5,000. The red cards given to Alonso and Ramos stand, and they have therefore been suspended for one UEFA club competition match. The Control and Disciplinary Body has decided to fine Real Madrid CF €120,000. An appeal may be lodged against the ruling within three days of the dispatch of the reasoning for the decision.

And on top of all that comes the most devastating news, IMO. Gonzalo Higuain could be out for two to three months if a specialist confirms he needs to undergo surgery on his back problem. I know the team can barely get by without him but it just won't be the same. It's bad enough I've gone through half the season without Gago. Maybe that is the only GOOD news coming from Real Madrid these days....perhaps a healthy Gago and resurgent Kaka will make their returns in the new year. 
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Those fines are crazy!

Without Higuain, Barca slaughtered RM...he usually has 3 or 4 players all over him thus allowing other forwards to waltz through or he's first to the net so others can pass to him which results in scoring/scoring chances. RM NEED Gonzalo.

Gods I miss Gago...if he'd been playing at least his passes are accurate and he's defensive enough that Barfa wouldn't have gotten past mid-field. RM NEED Gago!

Again the score would have been very different if Gago and Gonzalo were in that game....just saying.

(I can't believe how much I spent at P+S....but the discount was worth it.)
Nah, the fines are fine. No complaints - they can afford them. They are actually ridiculous though as they really do not offer any substantial punishment or deterrent to prevent the boys from doing this again in the future.

They NEED both Gago + Higuain.

As for the P+S $$, it was well spent and you would have had to purchase it anyway so you saved $$ in the long run.