World Cup, Europa and Serie A....

Congratulations to Russia and Qatar on their successful bids to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. I expect both will be great hosts. I really believe the event in Qatar will be amazing.

In the Europa League, based on this week's results Juventus and Palermo are now out while Napoli still remain alive thanks mostly to yet another Cavani hat-trick. In other words, Juventus and Palermo can now focus on the Serie A title. Regular Serie A games resume today with a big one - Lazio will face Inter at home.Normally I wouldn't give this a second thought and assume the Milan boys would win this game HOWEVER, given all the injuries and missing players in the Inter lineup I really hope that Lazio can put up a decent challenge and walk away with at least a draw. I'll be leaving work early tonight to watch this game. After that it is off to the theatre to see Rock of Ages one more time before it closes its run in Toronto.
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I have to admit despite the fiasco w/ work I am excited to see Rock of Ages again...awesome music!