A Game of Thrones previews...

Before I forget to post these, HBO released some footage from the upcoming (but not nearly soon enough) A Game of Thrones series. Sean Bean reciting lines from one of my favourite books is always a joy to watch/hear...I really can't wait till this series starts.

Dear Peter Dinklage: take note that you are charged with the task of embodying one of my all time favourite characters (aka Tyrion Lannister)...I trust you will do a spectacular job. As for the rest, not any enough Arya in these clips. I hope they don't reduce her part in the series. Oh Dany, o_O, not quite what I expected for her but it certainly is HBO appropriate. Jon Snow...I will reserve judgment till I see more. Of course Jamie Lannister is not nearly good enough....mind you, Brad Pitt in his heyday wouldn't have been good enough.
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Who is Jason Momoa playing again? I need some footage of him lol
Character name is Khal Drogo and he is an extremely rich and powerful foreign warlord. My image of him as I read the novel was Darius II meets Saladin. Jason suits the role perfectly. There is a bit of him in one of the clips but on our crappy computer you won't see it very well. There aren't too many pics circulating yet as I don't believe they want the details/images to leak. I always love when books are turned into movies and people complain about 'spoilers'. DUH...if you read the book you know, more or less, what is going to happen...LOL